UF Health Florida Recovery Center

FULL OF MONSTERS!! They are disgusting people.

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Published: 17 June 2019

Posted by: Norma

They threw me out because I wasn’t able to pay them anymore. My insurance couldn’t afford my stay there anymore and I was broke, so they just threw me out. My treatment was in the middle, but they didn’t care. These people are heartless, selfish bastards who don’t give a damn about their patients. All they care about is money. The staff here is very rude and their behavior is disgusting. They don’t hesitate in slapping you and beating you. Many times, the doctor would slap me for no reason. He used to say it was because I wasn’t paying attention to his questions. They look at you like a piece of trash and treat you accordingly. I came here because I had heard a lot of great things about this place and I wanted to get rid of my drug addiction. The doctor used to tell me constantly that I was a failure. He used to say that getting over drugs isn’t possible for me and I’m nothing but a big load on the world. In any sense, it’s wrong. I was already struggling with self-esteem and confidence because of my addiction and such statements of the doctor didn’t help. They only made things worse. When I was being thrown out of that place, the doctor took me to a corner and told me that I should focus on staying away from drugs and others. He told me I was a curse for my family and it would be better for them and me if I kept a distance from everyone else. What kind of a person says that? And why? What did he achieve by saying that? I stayed there for 3 weeks. I didn’t know that they’d throw me out as soon as my insurance will run dry. I was expecting some funds in a few days but they didn’t listen. I had asked some of my family members to help me and one of them had promised me that she’ll support me. But these people didn’t care. When I was leaving that place, I was shattered and hopeless. I still am. The words of that doctor revolve around my mind and they sting my heart. I’m now suffering from depression. I am avoiding drugs myself. And I know that I won’t take drugs in the future. If it wasn’t for my angel-like sister and her husband, I might have been lying on the street. I’m recovering and they’re supporting me all the time. She was going to pay for my rehab too but those guys threw me out before she could even arrange for some funds.

These people are money-hungry greedy monsters. UF Health Florida Recovery Center is the worst place a person can go to. The rude staff, the unapologetic doctors and the high prices will destroy your life. I’ve had suicidal thoughts because of these people. Don’t let anyone go there. It’s not safe.

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