Ultimate Buick GMC

It is a sham. Stay far away from these guys.

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Published: 19 June 2019

Posted by: Timothy

They’d rip you off and steal your money like it was nothing. I had given them my car and they kept it for 6 weeks. It was supposed to stay there for 2 weeks at max. Not only that, they didn’t even service it properly. They removed some of the original parts of the car and replaced them with cheap knock-offs. There aren’t enough words to describe their incompetence and unprofessional behavior. They clearly lack professionalism. They are scamming their customers and they think their customers are dumb. They thought I was dumb. The way they try to scam you and me proves the point that they are selfish scumbags who shouldn’t be allowed to do anything like this in the area.

I had bought a car from these people. During the purchase, I hadn’t experienced any difficulty. I had given them my car for basic service. They told me that they’ll need to keep my car for at least a week because they had spotted a few issues with it. At that time, I was foolish enough to think they cared about me and my car to spot hidden problems. A week passed and I hadn’t heard from them, so I gave them a call. Then, I found out they’d need to keep my car for 2 more weeks because they needed to service it properly. That was a little unexpected so I asked them to speed things up. The customer support rep on the other end seemed very friendly and told me that they were doing the best they can. Even at that point, I was happy with these guys. When those 2 weeks also passed, I gave them a visit and found that my car wasn’t even getting serviced. They told me that there was a crucial part of the engine (some jargon) damaged in my car and they had ordered the same. They told me they’d let me know when my car gets ready. I was getting a little suspicious of those people by then. And then I didn’t hear from those guys for another 2 weeks. Finally, I got tired of those guys and then after 6 freaking weeks, I got hold of my own car. This car, which was under service for one and a half months broke down after 2 months. When I took my car to another garage, I found out that most of the original parts of my car’s engine were replaced by cheap knock-offs. These people had taken out the components of my car and replaced them with the cheaper versions of the same. They had stolen from me!

This business should be shut down because it is run by a couple of fraudsters. If they’re allowed to keep this stuff up, many people would end up becoming their victims. I know all that because I’m one of their victims. Don’t go to these people because they’d probably scam you too.

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