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Published: 21 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I can’t beleive eBay continues to allow this company to use thier website to rip people off. As all the posts indicate, this company uses eBay to advertise and sell junk cars and keep deposits made to remove the vehicles from auction (which never happens). Once they have your money you will never see it again. The most common scam is to advertise a vehicle on eBay under “Buy it Now” and “make me an offer” eBay listing. Once the offer is made, the salesman contacts the victim offline and accepts the offer if he/she promises not to use eBay to complete the transaction to avoid paying eBay any commission on the sale and preventing the victim from leaving negative feedback when he/she finds out they have been scammed. The bait is the eBay rating which shows a satisfactory rating of the seller. This can easily be manipulated by selling other non-auto items and using the positive feedback to give the impression that most buyers are satisfied with the transaction while at the same time using the off line deception to circumvent the rating system. The first thing you notice on this dealerships rating is they show over 400 sales related transaction but the positive feedback rating shows only a fraction of these sales. Its a no win situation for the victim. He/she will either loose the deposit or be stuck with an outragous amount paid for a junk vehicle. They will promise you that the deposit will be returned if a mechanic (or carfax) finds anything wrong or if it is determined that the vehicle is not as described in the listing. Don’t beleive them for a minute. Regardless of what the report and inspection shows, you will not get back any money you gave to them. Once you are hip to the scam, they simply ignore your calls/emails, start the clock over on the listing and lie in wait for the next victim to come along. Unscrupulous scams like this is nothing new and have been around for years. But whats surprising to me about this particular one is that a well-known and trusted company like eBay continues to allow its website to be used this way and for such a long time. It appears this scamm has been active for a number of years now. It appears the likes of Joe and his cronnies have found the perfect vehicle (pun intended) to perpertrate this fraud. .

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