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Published: 25 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I used Ultra Green LawnCare in Mokena, IL. last summer for my lawn fertilizer service and found it no better (even less then average) then prior services so I hired another company for this season. To my surprise I come home from work April 17th and find flags in my lawn and an invoice in my mail box saying I owe for this 1st service and so on for future applications. I immediately called the company asking who gave them permission and a girl Amy hung up on me (perhaps she gets alot of similar complaint and thats their protocol). Finally someone else had to answer and explain why they forced their services on me this year. “”The guy says we sent you a renewal notice and if you did not reply to it we automatically renew your service!”” Imagine that! A company that cannot get customers with satisfaction and being honest so they resort to low tactics as renewing your lawn service without your consent. I though this is illegal and deceptive practice as I don’t recall ever getting such notice. I asked how did you try to get a hold of me as we get junkmail always from lawn care services and most people throw the stuff out immediately as solicitation. I guess they expect you to open & read every word, every fine print of every junk mail ever sent or your stuck in there legal bind! They couldn’t find a better means of contacting me? I guess if they had most people would have probably canceled them on the spot. Anyway, I refused to pay and told them to stay off my lawn as I don’t want their services. He told me “”OH, I’m gonna pay!”” What does that mean? When did this become a legal tactic? I never ever heard of this BS and now I’m suppose to be stuck with them? It’s a Scam because they can’t provide honest service! Don’t use them or you to will be put through unessasary greef!! Now I had to postpone my other lawn service so my grass dosen’t get damaged from two companys fertilizing until I get the mess they caused straightened out. This will also cause delays in new service (crucial seasonal timing) and I don’t know if UltraGreen understands “”NO”” for an answer and continues fertilizing and billing me. I reported it to the BBB and may have to go to court or even SUE them if necessary for damages and minulaption. Do yourself a favor: Avoid this company like a plague as that is what they are: A plague on your lawn and wallet!! .

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