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Published: 24 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

KEEP YOUR MONEY FOR THE NUTRIMOST PROGRAM! Myself and one other have spent a total of $3600, that’s $1800 each and received NO real medical care, treatment, help, coaching. In the beginning they tell you that if you do not lose weight at all over 3-5 days, you must come in and see the Dr., re-adjust the drops they give you (which I believe are just HCG or similar which are only $100 without this program) and they will do their “absolute best to make everything work and figure your specific body out”. I lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks, turns out was all water, not fat. I began plateauing (not losing weight) for 21+ straight days after. I contacted numerous people, including my “health coach”, who was absolutely clueless on any medical questions, told me it was “no big deal and to wait and see what happens.” YOU HAVE 40 DAYS TO LOSE WEIGHT, AFTER THE FIRST ROUND ENDS YOU MUST PAY AGAIN TO RE-DO THE PROGRAM IF YOU DID NOT LOSE THE WEIGHT NEEDED. What they do not tell you BEFORE you pay $1800, is that you will only eat 500 calories/day with no oils, butters, sugars, starches, or even certain fruits and veggies. You also must change ALL of your products such as shampoo, conditioner, lotions, deodorant, toothpaste, and much more because they could have “oils, sugars, neurotransmitters that disrupt your weight loss” and that costs even more $$ to do. Also, after you pay for the group consultation (not even one on one personal), you NEVER see the actual Dr. again. Just a “health coach”, whom ours gave us run around answers, never spoke to the Dr. about our serious medical questions (we had to flag down others in the office after 2 weeks to please speak to the Dr. for us), can not be bothered to take the time needed to see you if something’s wrong, or figure out why you’re not losing weight. We were told at the beginning that if you stop losing weight after 3 days, you must come in, and they will change your drops and supplements if needed and do everything in their power. After I did not lose weight for 21 days straight, my health coach never asked me to come in, just kept telling me, “its no big deal, your body is changing and wait and see what happens”. You only have 40 days and she wasted 21! They say its cheaper than other diet programs, but with other diet programs, you pay and continue to go until you lose weight. They give only 40 days and then if you didn’t lose the weight wanted or needed, you pay again! They guaranteed 20-40 lbs, I lost 15 of water and then NOTHING the next 3 weeks, and yes I followed everything exactly. I called the Dr. myself and sent him my body scans and reports, never heard back from him. I finally requested a different health coach, and he immediately looked at my last 2 scans and said “Oh wow, you def should’ve been losing more weight by now!” He tried his best and tweaked my drops, but I still wasn’t losing like I should. I finally went to 2 other chiropractors with a great weight loss program with amazing reviews, showed them the Nutrimost program and my scans, and they both immediately said this diet is “total crap and dangerous, and all you are doing is starving yourself, so when you eat again after 40 days, no matter what you will gain weight back, and it slows your metabolism down even more”! I called extremely frustrated after being VERY PATIENT for the last 5 weeks, to see if there’s any way to receive somewhat of a refund. They said no, its in the contract you do not get any money back. IT IS ALSO IN THE CONTRACT THAT THEY DO THEIR JOBS, HELP AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, ADJUST SUPPLEMENTS AND DROPS AS NEEDED AND WORK AS HARD AS POSSIBLE IN YOUR SHORT 40 DAYS. I NEVER RECEIVED ANY HELP OR HEALTH CARE FOR OVER 21 DAYS…HALF THE TIME. Look into other programs and RESEARCH PLEASE!!! The worst part is truly believing they care and will help, I have tried so many things, especially good diet and exercise and have so much trouble still losing the weight. I truly believed in them. They just steal your money. .

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