Union, Brian Wallace, Kevin Davis, Union American Life Insurance

Union, Brian Wallace, Kevin Davis, Union American Life Insurance Review

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Published: 17 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Lying about your company and job offerings over the phone to get people to come in for an interview is very misleading and does not really encourage a trustworthy work environment. I was really disappointed with being mislead over the phone about your positions just to get me there to your office to find out the truth. I live 1 hour away and traveled there with the thoughts of the offerings over the phone with excitement to come into your office for an interview and learned that I was completely deceived made me feel completely takenadvantage of and it was extremely upsetting. The staff suggested over the phone that you all were looking for Managers to let union members know what their rights are as union members. But what youre really looking for are entry level sales reps to sell life insurance to anyone door-to-door with no reimbursement of mileage nor gas nor a base salary Nor hourly wage income from 2 pm to 9 pm for commission only based on sales. You even suggested currently representing the “”Teamsters Union.”” But in the interview said nothing about it. I am completing my life and health course as we speak but who would want to work for a company that deceives people to this magnitude or doesn’t even have the consideration of peoples situation and desperation for work. Most people need a job and have to account for every dollar as it is and you mislead them over the phone to get them there wasting not only they’re time but their gas as well. Just be honest with what the job is really about over the phone just like other “”ethical”” companies before you really upset someone with your level of deception. Do you have an attorney that represents youre establishment? Are you aware of a labor board investigation regarding your false advertisement?

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