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Published: 01 October 2018

Posted by: ananaya ahlawat

Dear clients and new employee, Be aware with a again fraud dhamaaka from pk singh the owner of xantatech has shaped a new organization with a different name called “unique coder pvt ltd” or you can call there is one again a big fraud digital marketing company in noida has launched. Why im saying that xantatech pvt ltd & unique coder pvt ltd is same? Owner of xantatech & unique coder are same name is prabodh singh. Is the staff of xantatech pvt ltd & unique coder pvt is same? Yes, mr sam, mr ankit, mr manoj pal, mr tara & many other employees are same. Why the shut down the xantatech and established an agency? Totally fraud, fraud with client, fraud with employee and the owner of compay is blood sucker. How can you check it the owner of xantatech and the fraudest company unique coder are same? Capture the face of their employee from linkedin or ask the picture of team then match on xantatech fb page you can find the same cheaters pictures. Is the cheap lier company unique coder pvt ltd noida expert in anything? Yes how to make fool client, how to don’t deliver project on time, how to cut the salary of employee, how to hire and fire people without any notice. Is there any future for new joining to this company or for clien? Yes if they are begger and don’t have job or even cannot run rikshaw can join this company. For client if they have extra money can invest with these cheaters. Is there any specific massage to the unique coder pvt ltd? Please shut down this lala shop don’t change name and don’t play with employees as well client.

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