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Published: 02 April 2020

Posted by: Customer888

A Privilege Banking employee was not careful and did not do due diligence on my account. He did not check whether there was Indemnity for phone/email instruction in the UOB system, and mistakenly asked me to send that document, not once but two times.. The first problem is he gave wrong instructions at first and asked me to send it again. It appears he destroyed the first one to cover up his first wrong instructions. He gave second time totally different instructions more than 3 weeks later claiming the first one did not arrive. In any event, the original Indemnity has been in place since Jan 2019, so he should not have asked for another Indemnity 2 times. The second problem is he committed to a higher percentage interest for renewal of the time/fixed deposit on the phone yet he silently changed that to 0.45% without consulting or informing me. The third problem is he, without permission, wrongly deleted my good e-statement for Feb 2019 and replaced with defective template e-statement, not showing all of my transaction history and all account balances. He even added his name on my personal- privacy statement without my permission. I do not want someone else”s name on my personal property. I asked him to drop his name, quit as my RM, and re-post good old e-statements but he has not done that. I am incurring lost interest each day for wasted time on two deposits while this nonsense was happening, and CAD$72 Fedex fee for nothing due to his breach of duty of care, breach of due diligence, lack of attention to details and overall negligence as a bank employee.

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