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Solace or United Service Contract Group will drive you down the hill with their Car Insurance scam!

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Published: 08 August 2017

Posted by: Cora W. Richards

Stay away from this scam company. I checked its rating, guess what, the company does not have any rating. The reason stated for no rating is, the company has changed its name too often to be credited any rating. Yes this company currently named Solace was earlier called Precision Auto Protection and Home Car Care. Earlier this morning received a mail from them saying their changing their name to “Protect My Car” to reach more people and convey the company motto easily. Now that’s a good one. They should change their name to “Wreck your Car” or “Scam Your Money”, if they want to convey their company motto clearly.

Do not give a single dime to this swindling company. They have registered in many different names and scam people through every one of them. In my research the consumer report states the first red flag to look out for is with the warranty which this company is offering… big discounts to get your business. And Solace or United Service Contract Group has red flags all over their contract!!

First of all they claim to be in business for 20 years now with good references and reputation. The company “Solace” was registered 6 months ago. Were they in hibernation for 20 years that nobody has heard about them? Not even the auto car mechanics have heard the company name. They claim to be an insurance company for all 4 wheelers at a very affordable rate. The warranty comes at a very low down payment and monthly installments. This is the main reason I got swindled.

I accept I was a fool not to double check this too good to be offer. I should have atleast googled it. If I had, I would found a ton of bad reviews from swindled customers. Their policies are fake and they themselves do not stick to their agreement. The policies states they will cover 80% of all damages incurred. For the cheapest rates available in the market and 80% coverage, I got blindsided.

I got to know of the scam after 3 months of the contract. Well I am daily commuter. I drive about 25-30 miles a day in downtown Philadelphia. Now when you purchase a car, you don’t expect it to breakdown within 3 months. Well my ride did breakdown. I took it to the dealer for repairs. I will quote his exact words. He said “That’s a pile of horseshit”. He said he did not know any warranty firm going by the name of Solace. Now this guy got in touch in someone to verify the validity of the warranty. The warranty was legit but it didn’t cover any damages incurred. I would have to shell out cash from my pocket to fix the junk or it will be undriveable within a week. The vehicle was in perfect condition when I got it. But when I filed a claim with http://www.gosolace.com , they had the audacity to tell me the damage was pre-existing. And since it was pre-existing, the repairs won’t be covered by the warranty. My claim was denied and I decided to do something about it. I went directly to them to sort this thing out and get my money back. The name on the board said “Precision Auto Protection”, I guess they forgot to change the name to Solace. They upfront denied I had any agreement with them.

The warranty they sold me was from United Service Contract Group. They said I had to take it up with them. Now this United Service Contract Group is also a scam company with C rating. Also it is not a warrant company. The registered Agent Mark Cohen is an attorney paid to file corporate papers. The whole thing is a big scam to swindled people of their money. I bet that they must have already changed their name.

They use many telephone numbers all of these came directly from their BBB File:










I tried them all and none of them work. The company is co-owned by Craig and Joseph Rubino. Well if I find them, I am gonna make them cough up every cent of my contract. When searched, these two individuals have many companies and many hoax names for each of them. Not a surprise now that I know what their contract is all about. I filed a claim with my credit card company to return the money I paid to them.

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