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Published: 27 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have been receivng CRUSHED and/or boxes with HOLES from the USPS for over two months! Over 90% of my boxes are trashed and over 75% of the trashed boxes have danage and insurance claims have been filed. Some boxes have even had postage due. After receiving some of the boxes at my local post office i have asked for a pair of scissors to open the damaged boxes there. They have been rude and don’t care! When I tried to talk to the manager about the damage, it was “well the shipper didn’t double box, use bubble wrap, or packing material in the box. That particular item was triple bubble wrapped and the box had packing peanuts to the brim in it! Other boxes arriving damaged have bubble wrap, newspaper, packing peanuts and items are bubble wrapped. A few of the boxes with damage have even had the contents inside double boxed and they still manage to damage the items! After getting nowhere with my local PO I sent a letter to the postmaster general in Washington, DC. I also emailed them. I got a response from someone in Phoenix regarding the email It was the same story- not USPS’s fault, it was the shippers. However, the Phoenix office started that someone at my local PO would be checking all boxes before they were allowed to be delivered to me. EPIC FAIL! They delivered another crushed box after this was supposedly put in effect! I emaile the person back and wanted to know why the box was crushed if the local PO was in fact checking my boxes. Phoenix called me a liar! I emailed back and stated that this is unaceptable and if they were not a government run agency that I would sue to recoup the money for all the damage items and shipping costs on the boxes they damage. I was given the name and number of a person to contact at my local PO. A waste of time as they NEVER answer the phone. In regards to the claims I’ve filed, they cannot read! I sent proof of value, shipping info, pictures of damage, etc. They claim that I didn’t send proof of value, what the item was, when it was purchased, etc. WHAT LIARS! So, resending it as I have no intention of letting them off the hook that easily! I have told my leasing office that they have permission to refuse any box for me that is damaged in any way. I will have to go to the PO to get these boxes, however the PO will not be able to call me a liar then! I fully intend to go with camera in hand and my own scissors to open the boxes. This has got to stop! Right now it’s more the principal of the matter. The USPS is CORRUPT, and runs a huge INSURANCE SCAM! Never mind the customer service- that is NON EXISTENT! .

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