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Published: 02 February 2018

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RE: Refund request and complaint due to misleading information and purchase (fraud) I paid with an understanding we was booking a trip for $300.00 for 2 traveler based upon the information given, it does not mention a vacation program which this company is promoting. Jennifer the customer service rep explained after the payments was confirmed, everyone would receive a confirmation email about the trip. There was no recorded conversation to confirm with me over the phone, that I accepted a vacation travel program. I only discussed a trip going to Las Vegas with Family and friends, it was never told to me I had 72 hours to cancel .If there was a recorded conversation, I wasn’t aware. And that is against the law. I never received any of your terms and conditions until I received the package, after I paid my monies under false pretense. I received a confirmation and some documents via email, informing me that I have chosen by universal travel network program for the them (The travel Center) to handle the vacation program. I began reading the information and found that this was not a trip but a vacation travel program, with a bonus trip which I was not interested in. I called the travel center at 1888-212-7723 to discuss exactly what kind of vacation program they offered. The customer service rep informed me that they are middle man that activate the trip and place the people with the booking companies, and they are not responsible for anything that was told to me about the package and what they sold me, basically she referred me back to Universal Network. I called Universal Network Travel and Jennifer was not available, she would never speak to me, so I ask to speak to a supervisor. No one was available to talk me and they would always hang up the phone and continue to play dumb and rude or transfer me to customer service. I was told from the customer service rep if I wanted to speak to a supervisor to contact them via email. All the customer service rep was able to do is explain how their program worked and that it was a 15 month travel program where you have access to go to a web site to get discounted trips, and for joining you get a bonus trip of your choice. None of that information was given on the brochure or discussed with me prior to paying my money. Also I was told I couldn’t get a refund because I had up to 72 hours to cancel and that everything had to be in by 90 Days to the booking company to get a trip confirmation, to secure the dates I needed, I immediately sent them $138.00 to cover payments for 2 individuals of $69.00 each in form in the amount of $69.00, totaling 552.00, This was sent to the travel center. The confirmed payments were received in 3 days certified mail. I later received a call and was told it would take another 10-14 days to receive a voucher and be assigned to a booking agent (Grand Incentives). At this point it was becoming very distressing and disappointing. I received information from the booking company, after reading the terms and conditions. I became more frustrated and began to wonder if there were more hidden fees because the booking company is now asking for more money in the amount of $99.00 for processing fees another bit of information that was withheld at the time of booking this trip only to find out after I paid. I was not made aware that I had to wait 30 more days before I could book the trip, after a form had to be sent to the booking company on a form indicating where I wanted to go, along with 2 other destinations and dates. I was not unaware that they would be choosing my destination and dates. If I had known what this process consisted of I would have gone through a local travel agency. I feel as though I have been misled taken advantage of. After research and information obtained concerning this company, BBB sent me documents that this travel company is under investigation. I have been scammed and scammed, and I demanded refund for my money. Please be aware because I intend to pursue every legal avenue available to be refunded. .

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