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Published: 23 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This Company is nothing but a scam. I was promised high quality white hat SEO and training. Instead what I got was cheap SEO, people that never listened, blame always passed to the next guy, meetings missed and canceled last minute, work done for the wrong keywords and city. Whe i signed up they said they would train me to do additional SEO that way we raise to the top of google faster. The entirty of my training was here is an article we wrote, write one like it that is 300-350 words. Well submit it for you. The high quality links i was promised we built on websites like justpaste.it, and template pages they built on google for my business that had not authority. I even asked about that and they said its quality, its on google afterall. I constantly tried to call them to have meetings to get on the same page, the meeting was always scheduled to next week. and more often than not right before the meeting i was emailed to ask if we could move it, or just not called at all. I was also promised help on my website that never came. I called the manager of my project manager, he did nothing but make empty promises. I called the CEO and it was more of the same. I would even call to just talk to my project manager and the CEO would be the receptionist on multiple occasions. The worst part was after the first month they gave me a rank report that i know was falsified. I get SEO rank reports from multiple quality websites that both match up with one another, and what I find when searching my terms on google from multiple computers. I talked to each of them about this and I got nothing but excuses. for example i already have three words at 1, they reported them to be in the 20s to 40s. the others were initially reported to be extremely low. I was told they would be adjusted. Now over 2 months later, after firing them they sent me a report that said here are your current ranks, which are what they always were, and here are your old ranks, which were the same falsified documents. We did a lot of good work for you. If anything I am slightly worse off than i was when hiring them. If you think about working with this company just go to google partners, they have a list of trusted SEO companies. I found these guys on a top 10 SEO list that is obviously junk. The only companies I might trust at this point are ones google recommends. .

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