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Published: 22 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Cabbies beware!!! This is not a taxi service in the business to collect fares. The only money.this company makes is on a bogus contract they make you sign, lockinging you in for 7 days. they tell you you’re going to make $700 a week easy, but you dont even make $100.00 a day.The only money you make is to fill the gas tank after being out for 10 to 13 hours! Then I called it a night after working non stop for three days, only to have some misserable old woman call me at 4:30 in the morning! She said she wanted to remind me I still owed the $80 lease payment by 6am since i didnt work past midnight???? They’re job posts are everywhere. They have a few different numbers they use. Tjey give you a different companyy name when you call, so if you cant google them and see all the complaint. So i’m on my 4th day and worked from 6am untill midnight a couple days, then realizing i’d been scammed I called to quit. They told me I was still responsible for the 7 day lease at $80/day. If you think i will be paying you any more money, you are crazy! send me to collections! you will never see another dime! They completely falsified thier job add. They lie about how much business they have. they lied about expected earnings, and the most money i made was from business I found on my own. .

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