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Dentists lack basic manners and attentiveness!

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Published: 11 June 2019

Posted by: Geraldine

University Oaks Dental sounds like such a great place but it’s trash. It’s a shitload of trash. The professionals here don’t know what it’s like to treat a patient properly. The luxuries make it seem like you’re at a hotel but the grumpiness of the staff and the incompetence of the dentists ruins the entire experience. I wouldn’t say my experience was bad. I’d say it was terrible.

They don’t know what they are supposed to do. All they know is creating big bills for the customers and charging them a fortune. I’d say I was really irritated and disappointed from my experience with these people. I had contacted them to get a teeth whitening treatment. There was a big event near and I wanted to look my best for it. They told me that the best thing for me to do would be to visit their clinic and get the treatment there. They seemed professional and all so I didn’t mind. After all, I was hoping to get high-quality treatment. And when you look at their website, it doesn’t seem like they are fools. It’s when you interact with them and get treated that you realize these people are in fact, goons.

I got my teeth whitening treatment without any difficulty. I began to face problems later on. My teeth became super sensitive. Any kind of sensation used to sting and make me feel as if I can’t chew properly. And it wasn’t limited to one or two teeth. Nearly all my teeth at the front used to hurt like hell. I can’t even explain the difficulty properly. Whenever I’d drink anything hot or cold, or eat anything sweet or hot or cold, I’d get a wave of stinging pain across my teeth and it was excruciating. It was unbearable at best. I contacted University Oaks Dental to discuss this issue.

They told me that I’d need to come in for an appointment. When I visited them, they told me that I had damaged my teeth ‘somehow’ and that they’ll make me go through another treatment for the sensitivity issue. they told me that I needed to get a root canal treatment for the problem. I was going to do that but a friend of mine recommended me to get a second opinion. I later found out that they had used some harmful chemical for my teeth whitening treatment. It had damaged some teeth and that was causing me so much pain. Clearly, these people have no idea of what they’re doing. They’re ruining the dental health of their patients and it’s not right. It’s completely wrong and even horrible. They are careless and they don’t care about their patient’s health at all.

If you’re thinking of going to this clinic, follow my advice and don’t. I promise you that this area has a lot better dentists. You don’t need to get scammed and get your teeth damaged by these idiots.

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