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Stole my sensitive credit card information!

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Published: 22 May 2019

Posted by: Lynne

University Orthodontics stole my sensitive credit card information and used it for buying a fucking Apple iPhone X worth $899.99! The staff at University Orthodontics thinks they are clever and can get away with anything they do. They said that they were the actual victims when I confronted them face to face. They said,” I can’t believe that one of our employees did such a thing, we are really shocked and we will need some time to readjust ourselves. It is a sad thing to happen and we are sorry for any trouble that employee caused you. Even though we do not hold much responsibility for your credit information being stolen, we still want to apologize for any inconvenience.” This was the EXACT thing they said to me and my wife. These were their actual words. THEY ARE 100% RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ACT. This is called stealing money and it is a major felony; I can get these guys thrown in jail for this shit. I went to University Orthodontics for getting my braces off which could have been done by any dental guy. The only reason I went there is that my wife read some good reviews about it on the internet. I should have realized that those reviews would have been fake, but I didn’t bother. Because who can think that a dental clinic employee will suddenly use your credit card information to buy a fucking iPhone! Man, even I don’t have the latest iPhone and that fucking loser bought the latest iPhone X from MY money. UNBELIEVABLE! JUST UNBELIEVABLE!!! Sometimes I can’t believe my luck. University Orthodontics has claimed that they have fired the employee and he has nothing to do with the clinic anymore. I’m totally sure that they fired him to avoid any legal issues. These selfish idiots just care about THEIR reputation and THEIR money; they don’t give a single fuck about the customer’s satisfaction. This incident happened to us two weeks ago and we have been trying to call the owner and his wife (she handles the money matters of the clinic) but they don’t answer. We have not received a single text or email from this clinic even though we have sent them almost a dozen of them. I wrote this big-ass review to make everyone aware of the malpractices that are being done at University Orthodontics. I would strongly advise everyone to AVOID THIS PLACE. If they were dumb enough to hire a guy who steals money from the customer’s credit card, then they can take out the wrong tooth from your mouth as well. All I want to say is that it is not worth taking the risk. Please continue your research for finding a good orthodontist in your location and hopefully you will find a good one. At this point, almost any clinic would be better than University Orthodontics, but I would still advise you to do thorough research before handing them your credit card. I hope that you learned some valuable information from my experience.

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