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Published: 29 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

On July 17, 2013 my manager on the floor by the name of Firas (Ross) Shrourou lost his temper and started yelling out on the floor how he cannot stand African Americans because they never pay their bills on time. There were numberous occasions where Firas (Ross) Shrourou would send text messages of YouTube and emails of YouTube to co-worker Abi showing how blacks look and act like monkeys and for some reason, Abi would show them to me. There was an occasion where a co-worker named Summer (who has anxiety) was not able to breathe in the lavender scented spray that was in the office. I told Ross that Summer stated that fruit scent would not make her sick and asked if we could go ahead and place the order online. When I explained to Summer that it was Ross’s idea to not change the scent, Ross told her to leave the room and then stated to me how much he and no one in the office could stand her and to leave it as it is. Ross had manipulated us both into thinking she and I were trying to hurt one another. And used that story as his means of firing me on 8-9-2013 via his older brother Rick. As I continued to try to work under these conditions, I noticed a power struggle with Firas (Ross) and eventually his older brother Tariq (Rick) Shrourou on 8-9-2013. On 8-9-2013, Ross was aware that I was going through the stress of my sister being verbally and physically abused by her husband while she has stage 4 cancer and that her husband had not only molested my 21 year old daughter when she was 12/13 years old, but has now attempted to rape my 19 year old daughter in front of my 2 year old grandson recently. Sorry to say, I was very emotional however I was trying to keep a positive attitude in the office. I received an email after sending our usual lunchtime announcement to employees only, via email. It said to not send any pictures with the lunchtime email as it was not professional. Everyone thought it was sad that anyone felt that way as it made them happy/smile during their day and was for employees only. I thought the email came from co-worker Ross (Rick’s younger brother) who plays with everyone, all the time on the floor, during breaks, and when the company takes us and our families out to lunch. I asked Ross to calm down and said that I was only sending the email to make him and everyone smile and then I apologized. The message came back saying, “CALM DOWN? THAT IS RUDE!” I was called into the office about 1pm before going to take my lunch by Rick, who is now taking his dad’s place in the main office as president of Uniworld International. Rick started telling me that he is the boss and because of that, he can do anything and tell me anything and I have no say so because he is the boss. Rick stated that I was taking the liberty to say what I wanted and get away with it and that because I am 42, I looked at him as a little boy who could not do his job. I tried to explain to Rick that I thought I sent the email to Ross and that I didn’t know the email was from him. I still believe that email belonged to Ross. I was not able to prove it because Rick had changed my password to my email within 2 hours of firing me so that I could not show proof of what had occurred. Rick told me that he did not care and tried to get me to sign a form of misconduct. I felt I was not being treated fairly as I tried to explain again that I would not have said to Rick to calm down because I know how he is. Rick went on putting words into my mouth saying, “What the hell does that mean? Are you trying to say I don’t belong in this office?” I tried to tell Rick that I felt he was the perfect person to take his dad’s place in the office. Rick continued to try to convince me that I had offended a lot of employees. But I knew that was not true because the employees and I have lunch and hang out together all the time and call each other. Rick said bring the shirts back Monday, but I brought them back the same day. I told Rick that even though I am being fired, I still love and appreciated them and admired them for standing in their dad’s shoes. I asked Rick that if he truly meant what was said on my text message wishing me well, to please sign my employment verification form and give me the proof that I turned in my shirts so that I can move forward. He obviously did not like that I said that either and Rick folded the verification form and put it away and told me that I would not get assistance or unemployment because he would make sure of it. He would not give me the paper to prove that I turned in my shirts until I took the shirts back in frustration of his coldness. He finally signed the papers while trying to hide what was really happening in the office from the other employees and when I laid the shirts neatly on his chair and tried to collect my paper showing proof of turning in the shirts, he held the paper tightly, flashed it around in my face, telling me how it would not help me either. I told Rick that he was acting like an butthole at that point (not proud of it) and to please give me my paper so that I could leave like he told me to. He came out of the office trying to look like he was kicking me out and screaming “Hurry up and get out now!” as I was trying to collect my belongings and leave. I have never been written up or warned in the 7 months that I have been at Uniworld International. I have always been told by Rick and Ross that I do phenomenal work and I tried to make sure they always felt that way about me by keeping up with everything they needed, down to scrubbing their walls and baseboards, to mopping their floors, cleaning dishes and taking out trash. These people were like family to all of us. We all have dinners together outside of work. Their wives bring their babies to the job and Rick and Ross physically bring their kids to my desk to hold and tell them I am auntie Lisa. I just don’t understand how saying calm down to ANYONE is an offensive or confrontating statement. In this case, I was not even referring to the boss and it still did not matter to him. I was fired while on my lunch break. I have grown to love everyone in the office including Rick and Ross and their family so much, that it hurts more of how cold they abandoned me more so than being fired. Rick stated he didn’t care how my son and I would make it and to get off their property.

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