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Published: 21 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

THERE IS A NEW SCAM IN TEXAS! this company goes by “Unplugged Concepts” OR “Platinum Travels” and uses telemarketers to call unsuspecting married couples and single women to lure them to a disarming location and scam them out of thousands of dollars… They often want to meet at restaurants like Cheddar’s, TGI Friday or Red Lobster to make people feel safe. They will also say just about anything to get people to meet with them, from “a free meal” to “free airline tickets” that turned out to be discount coupons and “special” limited menu, they are VERY persistant. Many people have been victims of Unplugged Concepts or Platinum travels. They get you to the location, and pressure you to buy a “Gold Crown Resort” membership for $5000 that is nothing more than a user name and password to a site much like expedia or priceline.com. They will use phrases like “this is your day” “the offer is only good today ect. They offer to buy out timeshares to offset the cost and use a dummy contract with small print amounting to absolutely nothing and will not be honored. Bye the time you find out you have been scammed, its too late! the right of recission is 3 days, during which they are almost impossible to contact & they do not send the user name and password for 14 days! They target elderly couples, and single women who are not internet savvy. When trying to dispute the charges with your credit card company, Jennifer Bohannon Takes over, and kills the credit card dispute with the contract fine print. THESE COMPANIES CHANGE THEIR NAME OFTEN, BUT EVERYTHING LEADS BACK TO GOLD CROWN RESORT, UNPLUGGED CONCEPTS OR PLATINUM TRAVELS BE WARNED STAY SAFE, DO NOT AGREE TO MEET WITH THESE PEOPLE! DO NOT BE FOOLISH AND SPEND $5000 OVER DINNER OR LUNCH WITH TOTAL STRANGERS WHO VANISH IN A DAY OR TWO. ………….I ALSO FOUND THIS POST ABOUT GOLD CROWN RESORT AND MANY OTHERS!!………………… I am writing about Gold Crown Resort Marketing in Oviedo, Florida. This company is a complete fraud that steals money from potential “members”. I have a very intricate understanding of how Gold Crown Resort, referred to as GCR from here on out, operates and am spilling it for the world to know. This company must be stopped from ripping off any further individuals as i have seen them blatantly sell a product that is not worth anything for as much as 15,000 dollars. The name of the CEO of the company is Colleen Arrigoni, and her husband is Joe Arrigoni, and he acts as the “president” of GCR. These two individuals are the masterminds behind this horrible product that is supposed to give members access to wonderful 4 and 5 star accommodations. This is not what this membership does. The real 4 & 5 star resorts shown on the website are only their as a sales tool. They have no ability to access these properties, but they just lie and say they can to sell memberships. Most of the properties listed on the GCR website are raunchy, old, and 3 star at most and are being portrayed as these lavish and luxurious accommodations to these poor unsuspecting buyers who just want to be able to afford to stay at a nice place with their families for vacation. The website shows all of these resorts that can be accessed for only $699 per week, but when a member requests the weeks, they are rarely given weeks at $699, but rather it is usually at a higher rate. Weak excuses like “had to work with an alternate provider” are used to cover up the fact that fraudulent sales practices are taking place daily. The CEO is paranoid about her identity being exposed as if she has something to hide and regularly goes by aliases that include Sarah Green, William Smith, and Glenard Malcolm. She pretends that she cares so much about her members, but in reality she does not care about anything BUT MONEY. She has devised this beautiful little system to where outside companies, affiliates, as they are referred to, sell her product for her and she receives an “administrative” fee of AT LEAST $500 for every membership sold by these companies. She has arranged this “administrative fee” to be her source of “commission” because what she does is wrong and unethical and for some reason she is not able to really get a true commission. If a member has a problem with the membership they were sold, they will naturally contact GCR to rectify the problem, only to their disbelief they are told that GCR does not have any of their money. Come on now. We all know that GCR gets some of that money, but it must be illegal or something to do what they are doing so they dont want to be tied to this “problem” because it might bring the heat. These disgruntled members are told that GCR is “not involved in the sales or marketing of the program” and the member will need to go back to the affiliate to get their money back. Sounds ok right? I mean maybe GCR doesnt have the money and the affiliate does, but the saddest thing is when these members attempt to contact the affiliate, they are told by the affiliate that they dont have their money either and they will need to talk to GCR. Member then contacts GCR again and gets the same runaround and NEVER gets their money back for this worthless program. To make matters worse, if the member attempts to use the only resources they have and file a negative complaint against these crooks, they are quickly contacted by the CEO hiding under an alias or the “director of customer service” Dan Salinas. When the unhappy members are contact by GCR staff they are told that the report better be taken off the internet or else their membership will be disabled and the money spent will be completely wasted. These poor members have no choice really but to take down their report because if they dont then the money they spent on this horrible product will certainly be wasted as they will be unable to even login to the website. That is wrong. We all know who has the money and it is the CEO. She is not doing this for pure fun, she is attempting to run a business, and the idea of business is to make money, and in this case it is by any means necessary. The problem lies though in how the business makes money. If it is legitimately making money then great, but when you lie to people and scam them out of their hard earned money, that is when it is wrong. These affiliates sell these memberships and tell potential buyers anything they want to hear so that they can make the sell, even if it is lies. GCR is the one who enters into contracts with these affiliates and have them sell their service on their behalf, but they act like they have no knowledge of what is being told to potential buyers because they dont care. Again, all they care about is money. Money is the root of all evil and the people running GCR are pure evil. Many of these affiliates close their doors without any warning and when members attempt to contact them their phones are disconnected or they never respond while GCR sits back idly and does nothing at all. These affiliates are selling your product GCR, on your behalf, and based on your instructions, how can you let them disappear and leave these poor people hung out to dry after spending as much as 15k on some silly vacation club? That, again, is just wrong! There is no other way to slice this cake, it is wrong. I know that other members have experienced these same slimy sells practices and encountered the same frustration and this needs to stop. There is absolutely no reason any human being should prey on another human being in this manner. The bottom line is that somebody needs to step up to the plate and stop this and i will not rest until it happens. Thankyou22 Orlando, Florida U.S.A.

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