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Published: 09 January 2019

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LiveNation has contracts with Upstage Center, Inc. to do stagehand work for shows. Does this link LiveNation to the illegal activities performed by Upstage Center, Inc. employees and managers? Is LiveNation even aware of the criminal and lewd actions committed by Upstage Center, Inc. employees and managers? If LiveNation ignores this report, and does not terminate the contracts with Upstage Center, Inc., then LiveNation is an accessory to the crimes for knowing and allowing the criminal and lewd activities to continue while working for and at LiveNation shows. LiveNation’s CEO, Michael Rapino, needs read this report and look into these matters and terminate all Upstage Center, Inc.’s contracts. I’ve worked on and off for Upstage Center, Inc. for almost 3 and a half years now and I work at other stagehand companies also. I am still working for Upstage Center, Inc. in the Dallas area and was told about RipOff Report website last month.After I submit this, I will no longer be willing to work for such an unsafe, careless and criminal organization known as Upstage Center, Inc. This is the perfect place to report the illegal activities of the company that I work for and what I’ve witnessed over the past 3 and a half years. It is getting out of control. The first few months of 2014 and the illegal activity still continues even after being reported over the years. I saw drug use by Upstage Center, Inc. employees at the Modano Number Retirement event at American Airlines Center recently. Here are some of the reports that I heard. Please know that I did not personally witness some of these incidents, but people feed off drama at Upstage and news travels faster than a viral video on the internet. A lot of what I am saying in this report was told to me. Kristine Montgomery, an Upstage Center, Inc. employee, is known having sex on the catwalk during the Taylor Swift show at Cowboys Stadium in 2013 and having sex in hotel rooms with two different guys, in separate rooms, while away on an out-of-town gig in Cedar Park, Texas. Kristine had a baby in February 2013, but at the time she found out she was pregnant, Kristine did not know who the father was, since she had sex with two different crew members, who happened to be brothers! Kristine would also flash her tits and perform other lewd public acts to the other crew members when on out-of-town gigs. Kristine Montgomery was arrested a few years ago for theft. Erin Caroline Rock, married to Johnny Rock and also an Upstage Center, Inc. employee, used to be abused and assualted severely by Johnny Rock, a rigger with Upstage Center, Inc., to the point where other crew members advised her to end the relationship. Erin Rock use to have sex with most of the Upstage Center, Inc. at work and outside of work and was known as the Red-Headed S*** to the crew. Erin Caroline Rock has a child by Johnny Rock. Kristine Montgomery and Erin Rock are friends and work together, which makes sense that they both are alike and sleep with most of the crew. Management knows of the sexual acts at work and even condones it, saying it “”keeps the riggers happy””. In fact, Timothy Grisham was caught having sex in the bathroom at an event held by LiveNation. Yet, Timothy was promoted within the company. Kristine and Erin are known as the prostitutes of Upstage Center, Inc. At one event in 2013, in Round Rock, Texas, the local Round Rock police were called to the hotel where the Upstage Center, Inc. crew was staying due to mischievious conduct by Misty Achard. Misty was so intoxicated and high on illegal drugs that she was causing trouble and arguing with the hotel’s front desk, half-naked as told. Misty Achard was placed on room arrest by the police, which meant she was not allowed to leave the room and therefore missed stagehand duties at the LiveNation show at the Round Rock Center, which was the Carrie Underwood show. This underlines a growing problem within Upstage Center, Inc. where they are not able to control their staff and even supply illegal drugs to the crews. On a recent trip to do a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) show, drugs were transported in the van by the crew from Dallas to Houston. Upstage Center, Inc. condones these illegal and criminal actions of sex in public, since management is the dealer of illegal drugs. Does LiveNation condone the actions of Upstage Center, Inc.? Will LiveNation allow the stagehands and riggers of Upstage Center, Inc. to continue these actions by giving them contracts? The funny thing is that everyone got a notice on one of our paystubs and it said that Upstage Center would not tolerate drug use and employees would be subjected to a random drug test. However, when I went to work the next time, employees came in stoned from drugs and management did nothing. Why would they? Management is the seller of the illegal drugs! Kristine Montgomery is a major supplier and user of illegal drugs sold by Upstage Center, Inc.’s Timothy Grisham, Dean Brocker, Daniel Shuffield, owner Mike Eggers and vice president Marshall Eggers. Upstage Center, Inc. supplies illegal drugs to the riggers and stagehands working for Upstage Center, Inc. and they supply illegal drugs to LiveNation acts when they come to town. Dean Brocker sells illegal drugs to the crew, then the crew sells to their friends. I have even been offered drugs at the venues from workers. I was told by someone in January 2014 that the Illegal drugs are sometimes stored in the crew trailer at Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas, Texas and the Upstage Center, Inc. warehouse. Illegal drugs are even transported by van when the stagehand/rigger crew is transported to gigs, from Dallas to Houston, Round Rock, Austin, San Antonio and other cities. Timothy Grisham is the dealer when drugs are transported. In one incident, a crew member wanted the van driver to track down Timothy Grisham at the hotel in Cedar Park, Texas so that he could purchase illegal drugs before heading back to Dallas. Zachary, a former employee, was threatened, in 2013, by 3 other crew members with bodily harm if he did not leave the premises. This criminal threat resulted in Zachary leaving the American Airlines Center and quitting his job. I was not there when Zachary was threatened, but I remember people talking about it. To this day, managers have done nothing to discipline the 3 who threatened him. Upstage Center, Inc. is an organized crime center that deals in brute force, threats, illegal drug use and distribution. Dean J. Brocker, a manager at Upstage Center, Inc. in Dallas, is the biggest criminal for Upstage Center, Inc. and has a very serious criminal record in the Dallas area. His criminal record includes: * Possession Of A Controlled Substance With Intent To Deliver (2008 – Dallas County Case F-0851803) * Possession Of A Prohibited Weapon (2008 – Dallas County Case F-0851803) * Theft By Check (1991 – Dallas County Case MB9101595) * Unlawful Carrying Of A Weapon – Dallas County Case MA0679967) I will say that all of the charges against Dean Brocker were dismissed! Dean sells drugs directly to the employees and crew. At an event in February 2014, I personally witnessed Dean Brocker taking money and handing a bag of marijuana to a crew member in the office area at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. As I said, on a recent trip to do a WWE Wrestling show, drugs were transported in the van. Upstage Center, Inc. does not do criminal background checks. I admit I have a theft charge from 1992, but there are current employees with major criminal backgrounds, including registered Sex Offenders. That’s right, majority of the crew have major drug cases in their background and some even still on probation! If their probation officer found out that drugs are being sold, transported and used on a regular basis, most would be locked up for violating the probation. There are also registered sex offenders that work for LiveNation, through Upstage Center, Inc. LiveNation allows registered sex offenders to setup shows, do showcall and stay out late to wrap up the show? Some of the shows have children in the audience. LiveNation allows sex offenders and drug criminals around the children with the shows. Parents should read this report also! Parents, do you want your children around sex offenders and drug dealers at shows? It has been said that Upstage Center, Inc., gives kickbacks to get LiveNation contracts to setup concerts and events. LiveNation Michael Rapino, CEO/Director/President 9348 Civic Center Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 867-7000 Upstage Center, Inc. Mike Eggers, Owner/President 3302 Old Alvin Rd., Suite A Pearland, TX 77581 (281) 997-9955 Venues that Upstage Center, Inc. has contracts: * Austin 360 Ampitheater – Austin * Cedar Park Center – Austin * Allen Event Center – Dallas * American Airlines Center – Dallas * Gexa Energy Pavilion – Dallas * South Side Ballroon – Dallas * Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – Houston * Reliant Park – Houston * Toyota Center – Houston * Warehouse Live – Houston .

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