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Uptown Business Brokers are Evil and Dark. Such People should be Condemned, Sent to Hell

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Published: 23 August 2017

Posted by: Delores A. Williams

I was planning for business expansion and looking for the right opportunity. My family was very excited. Talking about excitement, my daughter wanted to be one of first employees of new venture. I was actively looking for an agency to look after the legal and technical aspects associated with deal. I thought I was lucky to find Uptown Business Brokers. Kenneth and Alice Williams were quite helpful and knowledgeable. They took a lot of pressure off shoulders. They presented a couple of options and I liked one or two proposals. My name is Smith and life was about to take a strange turn.
I continued with the selection process. The decision was almost made. We narrowed down on one particular business set-up. I discussed the details with Uptown Business Brokers and we agreed upon it. I was taking the next important step in life. We sat down and signed the contract. As a part of deal, I was supposed to pay the brokers. I paid them a higher percentage as token of respect, considering they made the whole process a lot easier. I remember it was 5th August as the bank transactions were made on the same day. The last time I met them was at an Italian restaurant. You don’t forget such days.
The next two days went pass by. I didn’t receive a call or mail. I called them to check the status. I was left gasping for air after what I heard. These people were cheaters. They’re playing us, right from the first moment. I looked-up on the Internet and there were complaints against them. How did I miss that? Why didn’t we do a check on brokerage firm?
I was scammed and it was a kind of embarrassment. It was a daylight robbery and we stood there as spectators. I never thought scammers would have that much of flair and confidence in them.
I broke the news to my family the same weekend. It wasn’t the loss of money. It was an itching experience to see your trust and faith badly beaten, bruised. As a businessman, you don’t expect certain lines to be crossed. It was one of those instances where scammers attacked my faith.
I decided not to sit silent. It would have been a bigger defeat. I thought about repercussions and its impact on brand reputation. It took some time for me to decide. I didn’t find a real purpose, until I decided to do it for others. They scammed me. I couldn’t change it. I can do something that would eclipse and overshadow the whole event. My family reached an agreement to change the focus from us to them. They’re the guilty party and they should be feeling bad.
There was no reason to hold ourselves back, when we hadn’t done anything wrong. My only advice is to free yourself from the guilt. You shouldn’t hold yourself responsible for it. This was the most difficult part and it took me some time to realize it.
My only concern is to save fellow businessman and free the society off pests like Uptown Business Brokers. They are not qualified to be called humans. They shall be treated differently based on how they’ve decided to live and work.
Shouting wasn’t going to bring me anything back, except frustration. I appeal to everyone to stop working with Uptown Business Brokers. They’re devil. They’ll make you feel if you belong to an inferior race. They believe in killing and hunting at a time when we can do work and earn a livelihood without losing respect and dignity.
They cheated us. They cheated my family and our dreams. I’m not going to let this issue disturb me or my family. We’re going to do everything to raise an alarm against Kenneth and Alice Williams. Anyone who’s looking to acquire business should be careful. In my opinion, you should not only do a background check on business to be acquired but also the agency involved.
My efforts to contact through phone and mail went futile. The official line (888-4920291) and mailing address: [email protected] is another cheap trick. You need to remember their names or any information that could help you to stay away from scammers. Both, Kenneth and Alice Williams, follow a game plan. They keep you busy selling the advantages of buying the business set-up of your choice. Another thing, they want you to sign the agreement in the first few days.
Looking back at the nature of events, I think they would have left the case and picked someone else, had I borrowed more than usual time. I’ve shared the case history hoping these points would prepare you to handle a tricky situation effectively.

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