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Published: 24 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I entered Medical Transcription late in 2013. The course work was very basic. This concerned me a good deal. There was a lot of small print in the course work, advising you that what they were telling you does not conform to most of the standards that employers would be looking for (namely, AHDI, which, unbeknownst to me at the time, is apparently important). I completed the course in less than six months. I was promised monetary incentives for passing grades, and have yet to receive them. They continue to tell me that I am eligible for the money, and that they will send me a check in the mail at some point. Hgher action will be taken if I do not receive satisfaction as of the end of this year (2014). Upon joining an online medical transcription forum, I found out that pretty much everyone in the field considers this school to be absolutely useless. This was unfortunately after the money-back period ended. Not knowing that AHDI was important, and being told about 5,000 times that I would “easily” find a job, I was very excited when I completed all my course work with a 95% average. Despite passing the course with flying colors, I have failed all job screenings. I have even kept my tests to look at as examples when applying for jobs, and I am constantly told that I do not transcribe correctly. The highest grade I have ever received while screening for a job was 81% (not good enough). I wasted almost $1,000 on this website, and I still do not have a job in the field or in any fields related to it, due to not being able to even pass the initial screening. .

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