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Published: 23 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I got a call from these people, claiming that I had been approved for a grant to help with my education, and that they needed a $3.78 payment from me to process my grant…. So, I gave them my card number, and they took not only the $3.78, buyt an additional $29.95 for something called IDRefugee, that I never agreed to. That was not the end of it though, because I was so excited about getting sdome grant money that I followed the instructions from the obviously Middle Eastern accented guy on the phone named “”Eric Dawson””, Yeah RIGHT, and went out and put $280.00 ojn a Green Dot Money Pak card, and gave them the number for it. I REALLY wish that I had done some more research on these people first because now they have ripped me off for over $300.00, and I got NOTHING in return, except burned by this scam. Unfortunately, the Money Pak cards are untraceable, and I cannot get my money back now. If these criminals call you, and claim that you have been approved for anything that involves money, DO NOT give them ANYTHING at all. It is a complete scam, and THAT is why they insist on getting the Green Dot Money Pak card, because scam artist pieces of trash around the world have learned that it is an untraceable, fool proof way to steal money. They are not even a real company at all, I mean they do have a website, but once you pay your $3.78, and get your login info, it will never work again, and you will not be able to even login to look for support…. Internet fraud businesses such as this do not want ANY possible means of being contacted once they have your hard earned cash, WATCH OUT!!

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