US Government Grants And Treasury Department

US Government Grants And Treasury Department Review

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Published: 09 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

A lady by the name Christie Oliver first contacted me from (202) 666-7641, she stated she was calling on behalf of The US Government Grants & Treasury Dept, and that I was chosen along with 15,000 others to be awarded $8,400 loyalty grant and I was to use the money for whatever best suited me as long as it wasn’t for anything illegal. I questioned “how was this lottery formed” and her response was “all who have not been in trouble with the law or have not already been issued this grant are eligible to participate in this lottery”.she then proceeded to tell me that I did not need to pay back this money and it was a loyalty grant approved by the US government.she told me all I needed was some form of plastic something in which they can load the money for me so that I can use my money however I chose. I felt a little uneasy with the situation so I told her I did not have a bank account or any of what she was asking, she told me I could go to the nearest drugstore and purchase a reloadable prepaid money card, so I began to get very suspicious and I told her I could not do that at this time I was a little busy if she could call me back at a later time she definitely agreed and I tried to hold her off for a while so I can look this information up she called me back 4 more times in one evening that’s when I really got suspicious, at this point I knew it was a scam and I just told her call me back tomorrow so I can look further into it and that’s when I found this website with the Ripoff reports which I am very grateful for however when she called me back I told her I’m sorry I cannot help you I don’t have any of this information and quite frankly I think its disgusting that you people are ripping people off. she acted as though she didn’t understand what I was saying and she said she would put me on with her manager then a man got on the phone by the name of Andy Parker and tried to persuade me into giving him my information again and I clearly let him know I did not have it I was not going to get it and I knew what they were up to and that I was going to the local authorities and he then got very nasty and said go to your local authorities and began to curse and telling me that I’m a coward and I’m stupid, that this is a one time once in a lifetime grant I should take advantage of it and I ask to speak to his supervisor he said NO! and then the phone call just got very nasty as I began to get more upset. He was cursing at me, calling me all kinds of names after me lowering myself to his level and ripping him to pieces, I told him I had everything recorded and would report him every way I could. However he’s a horrible person, and he clearly admitted to it being a scam after us arguing for quite some time and me telling him what a bad person he is and that he should get a real job, he told me “your just mad cause you have to work for your money and I sit here and SCAM DUMB B* LIKE YOU! And asked me if I was jealous…..that was it! I almost hit the roof so I finally hung up the phone on him and Here I am creating this Ripoff Report to make people aware please be very careful they tried everything in the book to get my information and when they realize that I knew what they were about they got very very nasty so please people be very careful

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