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Published: 23 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Movers showed up 5 days late, I had to be back to TX ( from condo in Ruidoso NM) for work, so allowed my son a key to let in movers… they started repacking,,,adding crates,,material costs,,,labor my estimate went from $2400 to what I agreed upon to over $5,000. I had already paid $843.88 down payment.. I contacted them when my son was handed the paperwork after it was all loaded.. small load,,mostly heavy appliances.. no beds… way it should have doubled in cost… said that I could not afford that amount..I had only budgeted $2800 and had already spent almost $900…..the company, a brokerage group,,did nothing to help us out…so had to deal with this moving company directly….. THE NIGHTMARE STARTS…..mistakes were made in addition on the paperwork…crates were added, labor…etc..Finally in frustration, I told them that they would have to keep the stuff,,even if they sold,,there is no way they could get $1,000 for it. It is mostly family pictures, albums, my kids baby clothes, some of my toys when I was 60 now….Holiday decorations, winter clothes we had for mountain wear in Ruidoso….really nothing of value,,,some book cases, books, a vanity desk, matching chair, recliner and love seat…hardly any furniture… Told them that we are on a near fixed budget,facing retirement….trying to get moved and retired to East TX on lake….. I left it that I could spend $2800 and that was it…..hung up in tears..thinking that mentally “it burned up in a fire”….. Low and behold,,,MIKE Z called from the company later that day and said he would take the $2800 if I could wire it today. My husband was here and we put him on speaker phone….my husband ask him 3 times, NOW ARE YOU SURE THIS WILL SOLVE THIS PROBLEM and that you will deliver our stuff? Will this end this hassle? This will be the final of all of this…? Everytime he ask,,the answer was YES. Bank was closed at this late time,,so he went the very next morning and wired $2800 to the company. We had ask Mike, now when will our belongings be delivered to the garage at the Lake House,,,for our builder was to receive the iems,,upon un locking the garage. He said that he had sent his driver back to Dallas to deliver..then after that he would have him return to Lake Murvaul. Guess what? No phone call, nothing for 3 days…it was over 4th of July, so I waited until Monday. Called the phone number… receptionists.. Mike would not take my call, but she came back from him with this message…” It will cost you $700 and you can go pick up your stuff in Dallas!” LIVID…red hot flames of anger shot through me. We had been dubed,,lied to and I could not believe that one human could treat another in such callus way. Come on now, common sense says that we would not have sent any money if we were told that this only “opened the door to talk” as I later was told by Mike when he answered the phone I called…normally got the receptionist…He had the gall to say that to me….SO now, when I call, no one answers the phone at all. at least way they haven’t today. I ask for owners name, Wouldn’t give me,,said that he is never in the office,,,,LIE you think? Ask if Mike was one of the owners,,was told, no,,just a ask to speak to the supervisor..was told she was on another line,,,then she was in a meeting..then she would return my call……HOW do these people stay in business if they treat everyone like this? So have not gotten to speak to supervisor,,,,or anyone that could actually make a call on this situation. Now my husband has had medical “situation” that they are calling stroke….which I can only refer back to this ongoing nightmare. Am I suppose to lose not only my belongings, but MY husband to these “a**holes”..and I say that now, but I NEVER use that kind of this is purely a tough situation. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this nightmare to end? We are out over $3,600 and still not deliver in sight!

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