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Published: 21 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I made a call to a Magazine company to find out why I was receiving their magazine for the last 3 months, as it had nothing to concern myself in it, nor did I order this said Magazine. I was informed by the person that it was placed via Priority One Clearing Service. I called that company and was told the order was placed for me by US Periodicals. I called them and got a answering service voice mail. I left my name and phone for them to call me back. After about an hour I got a call from a customer service rep. That rep asked me what my issue was. I explained to him I did not order anything from their company nor had I dealt or signed up with anything with regards to their company in an attempt to find out how they got my information. I was then told that it was a supposed mix up with personal information they bought from either banks, creditors or another such entity, and that various magazines were ordered for those addresses that they had bought from who knows where. I explained to him that I had already contacted the other companies about the situation and I wanted my personal information removed from their services. I was met with an extremely rude response. “”We don’t keep your information on file””. Really? From what I was just told, you bought that personal information from some other entity, yet you don’t keep it on record? So, I started to respond to him and he yelled over me, and then proceeded to hang up after I mentioned that this type of rude customer service was exactly what I was reading in many different online reports. I will be submitting a complaint with other entities to get this issue resolved. .

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