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Published: 11 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

A man called you could tell by accent he was indian{india}.He said i was going to recieve $7849 in a grant that i did not have to pay back.Then wanted my account info {YEA RIGHT}.I told him I did not have any savings or checking accts. Then he asked if I had any credit or debit cards i told him no. I said why dont you just send me a check.Couldnt do that {Well i guess not it being a SCAM…) Then he gave me a Money Approval Conformation an a phone to call{213}457-3153 an to ask for MELLORY WHITE. Well she wanted me to get a GREEN DOT CARD an load it with $240 asked how long it would take i told her about 45min {HA!HA!} she got a little inpationt I told her shed have to give me sometime to get to the store to get the card as i live in a rural area…So alalong i had plan to look them up on the internet an just played along with them. Well low an behold they are a SCAM. so when she called back i told here about her self an that i was reporting them an do not call my phone ever again…SHE hung up…….. PEOPLE LIKE THAT MAKE ME SICK.. Trying to SCAM r hard erned money get a JOB.. Im on disibilty i workrd hard all my life an i will be damd if im giving my money to trash like that…. .

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