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Published: 20 July 2019

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My family purchased a Groupon with this business offering ~$35 for 3 bedrooms and a hallway, it was a basic cleaning. They came around 11:30, which was fine since they said between 11am-1pm. We Rug Doctor ($30 from Safeway) our carpets every three months because we have two dogs and all three rooms have beige carpets, the rest of the house is hard wood floor. We asked Alex, the guy performing the cleaning, to clean our family room rug in lieu of a hallway since there was no hallway carpet. All bedrooms have a queen bed, nightstand, dresser and one has a reclining chair, so he was cleaning the carpet around these pieces. The bedroom sizes are roughly 11×13, 10×12, 11×10. He kept pushing the extra $75 deep cleaning charge because he saw that we had animals and if we did not the carpets would not get very clean. He was annoyingly insistent and kept putting off doing the job until we did so. So we caved in. Granted, the carpets look great. Same performance from a Rug Doctor, we just did not have to do it. Before he left, he asked if we could write a Yelp review and give 5 stars and a positive review. He said there would be a discount. There was no discount. He actually would not leave until the Yelp page was pulled up on the computer. Luckily my dad did not have an account and I said I couldn’t remember my password and that we would definitely get to it…well I did. People should not feel pressured into giving a company a review and the company should not suggest what type of review to give. This is an unethical practice and Alex is abusing the Yelp system The customers who have been giving 5 star Yelp reviews are also abusing the right to honestly rate a company on this site. You should include that the company asked that review from you. Yes he did a good job in cleaning the carpet, but he scams you into buying the Groupon, corners you to pay more, if not he will do a shitty job (see other reviews) and then coerces you to writing a rave review with him their breathing down your back. After posting this review on Yelp, Alex drove back to my house and told my dad that he would reimburse him $40 is I would modify my Yelp review to be more positive and with at least 4 starts. My dad was just happy to get money back at the cost of his or my moral obligation to post honest reviews. SO here I am on this website telling YOU the honest truth. Be Aware of ALex and this company. .

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