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Published: 28 March 2019

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Somehow this alleged Usa grants group representive got my cell phone which would be difficult to get anyway. They called and mentioned that I had qualified for a grant and needed to put up 190 dollars on to a Greencard moneypak and then proceed to give them this information . These cards are typically located also at western union. They did give me a address of usa Grants office area of 200 independence ave , HHH Building, southwest washington DC 20201. There phone was coming in from washington state that I have already provided. I have been online with reputable sites/merchandising company and sometime get cold calls on deals. They at the end of the phone call after taking my money mentioned of similar style/arrival or showing up of the website company above mentioned. I had cancelled another payment weeks ago from a pop up from this reputable site as a service that I did not want this service or cost that was not mentioned on getting a IPad. I do not know if there related, but did know they facilitated money offshore to vanuta to this latest fraud. It was of indian decent and am not certain if this lead or related to this current rip off usa federalgrants or to my phone number. They then insisted on mentioning that western union was the money wire and that i needed to pay a state to state fee after a 190 dollar registration fee for them representing usagovernment grants and grant would activate. They then instructed on them to pay 450 more for the western union costs on there side with a 450 dollar greendot money pak card easily found at counter . I have contacted greendot money pak and that they instructed me to speak to law enforcement and then they would work with law enforcement to find where the money went to. I had sent the copied greencard money pak cards upon there fraud required protocol as to cancell payment or not to pay . Then after days i emphasized of finding where the money was registered or cashed out to track down the fraud. They have mentioned they do not give that information out and that law enforcement into fraud would have to contact them and . I said/demanded that these are my cards I purchased were supposeable used for a usagovernment grants fee and then into western union fee’s. The many people and steps I spoke to were of india dialect. The copied greendot money pak cards i Have copied and submitted a complaint /complaint to this company and have there phone numbers now. They did not give me where the money has been wired and transferred. I mentioned that a fraudulent company is specifically targeting greenpakmoney dot cards and western union as representing them to. They also are supposeable representing usgovernment grants as well. I am out of pocket 190 + 4.95 and 450 plus 4.95. They must know how the Grants system work on proposed money received and also the difficulty of greenpak money cards work on there end of not tracing where the transaction or money was sent to other then they will speak to law enforcement. I again do get cold calls on potential benefits and other gifts from this legitimate merchandise/benefits site and then got this call in. I am not certain if it is related to the 1st charge weeks ago to a india sounding company that i cancelled on my cc of a unknown charge of a 100 bucks and were insistant i pay it .I have let the fraud dept know this at wells fargo and the money was refunded back to my acct. This one is much more tricky and then they mentioned again after 450 bucks that they could not send the whole amount to me but in 4 different western union numbers then the one they gave me. This would cost another 800 bucks in transfer costs to be purchased in moneypak green dot cards. This is where I started to get into more heated dispute with the people on the phone supposeable representing usgovernment grants. They said i had filled out surveys or paperwork that qualified me for grants. I in the past few years by chance have taken government surveys and paperwork as potentially being qualified for the proposal on the phone to head to get greendot cardmoneypak and western union to facilitate funds. They mentioned they could direct wire to acct and another option as above mentioned.

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