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Published: 06 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

USA Truck was sued in 2011 for pay check issues and other payment problems. Usa was non participating in pre pass scale because it could not meet up with Dot standards for the privilege. I’m guessing on that. But I’m probably right. USA uses Driver Solutions to obtain its indentured slaves. Not literally but it’s just the same to the driver. You feel as such. Drivers Solutions provides the loan to train and work for USA Truck or PAM. you agree to work the loan off By driving usa truck. That is a scam. They use this hook to push you around. They force your dispatching. Even if it’s stupid can’t be done they force you to ride anyway. With this hook they will Cheat on your payroll and you will do nothing. Because they hold all the cards. They will fire you. They will give you bad reports on your job. Industry won’t rehire you. Will get no unemployment. And bingo you will owe driver solutions. I quit because it was unsafe to drive for them. It was pure hell. They would ride you every single day. They would not get you home when you requested. Would not respond to truck issues. I would report the truck broken constantly. This always ate into my miles which they cheated me out of. I also looked at my paychecks recently and they cheated me out of my miles also. The dispatchers would play games. That would taunt you. Lack of instructions. Misleading times for delivery. Or just the wrong address. You would arrive in the place will be closed. It’s like they didn’t know anything or they’re playing with you. Thought I was being set up to fail. Big joke. If I tried to get anything fixed I would lose my miles in time. Other truck is it just leaves equipment in bad shape and lie about it. Would not do that. If you try to get help from a manager who ended up being the wrong guy anyway. They forced me to sign papers saying I was late and tardy. They also said that I was insubordinate. I signed the papers because I was afraid they would terminate me. And I would owe driver solutions. You have no voice and they know this, Poor dispatching gets thrown down on you. You get the blame when it doesn’t work right. The trainers make a killing you ride 24/7 non stop. You make $350. They get 1.50 a mile for all miles. You and them. That’s what I think. Not positive. They will not let you practice backing up. This hurts you when you’re alone because it takes you longer to back up. Is very stressful. They should let you practice backing up instead of making money. Very selfish bastards. They will run you wraw and ragged. You were just used to go in a straight line for as many miles as possible. It’s not training. But you will owe driver solutions for this insanity. They call it training. They called it a job. I call it a malicious rip off. Just because you signed up for this. Does might make it just. Even the school treat you like junk yes you go to school before you go to any of these. In the instructor there tells you you’re going to fail! This guy was from MTI. I passed. Ha ha! His name was Jerry. I got my CDL MTI and Jerry. drivers solutions is being sued. They are being sued by John Howie Lawfirm in Texas. They were garnishing wages and seizing bank accounts to collect on loans that were not finished. People who probably escaped USA or Pam. Some probably never even got out of school and still owe the loan. these loans even total over seven grand at times with interest. This loan has been collected against federal laws according to the lawsuit. Just because you signed this loan does not make it legal. If they sue you go to John Howie. Look him up on the website. Some consumer advocates and lawyers even tried to bring this issue to Indiana courts. That’s where you get sued according to your contract. People in the past have not gotten anywhere with the issue. Even Indiana’s own news papers wrote an article about driver solutions. This hundreds of millions of dollars business is off tons of suckers like you and I. The schools and driver solutions are in bed. USA is in bed with driver solutions. This is a very dangerous trap. It’s not a job it’s an extortion. They win if you quit. They win if you’re a slave in a truck. You really end up making less than minimum wage at times. I would be careful reading positive reviews about USA truck on the Internet. It’s probably them making the reviews. Don’t work a dirty job. Don’t sign a dirty contract. These bosses are filthy rich look up their financial reports online. it’s you who works for nothing. Go John Howie Lawfirm in Texas. ! .

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