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Overpriced, unreliable and totally worthless!

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Published: 10 July 2019

Posted by: Damion

Moving into a new house in a new area can be a very difficult job in itself. But to get all the necessary utilities back into the house is even more difficult. That is why we chose Utility Connect to provide us with plans and options for various basic utilities and service providers. And they did their job well. But it was much later that I found out that I was actually cheated.Wee got in the internet, phone, TV and some other utility plans from them. As we did not have enough time on our hand, we decided to go ahead with the first quotation we got. We got it from Utility Connect and when we checked on the internet, they had great reviews. So we decided to go ahead. The plans were offered, selected, installed and work done. But then, I realised that everyone in the neighborhood had mostly the same utility service providers except for a couple of things, for which everyone else had a different service provider. And if in a neighbourhood of 12, 7 use A, 4 use B and you are the only one using C, then you do start thinking something\’s wrong. And we soon found it out. The services were quite poor in our area and they did not live up to their word of quality after sales customer services. We wanted to know why Utility Connect suggested this particular service provider if they do not provide good quality. When asked directly, they just said that the quality is good and price is fair and that it was not a mistake. But then I found out that other service providers were not only cheaper, but more reliable and customer friendly. Check before you buy any plan from them, especially with the cost they charge.

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