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Published: 18 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We were invited to a presentation for Eldorado so we could hear how to become an owner there. My husband, d**k, explained that we already had a deed with Wyndham and we didnt want to have two timeshares. They assured him that they could help him get out of the contract with Wyndham and just go with Eldorado. They sold us an every other year 49,000 point contract and suggested we go that way until we were out of Wyndham and then upgrade. On 2/16/2013 we again returned to Eldorado, went to another presentation, and talked to them about the promise of their help to get out of the Wyndham contract, but this time they didnt remember that conversation and thought we might have misunderstood what they were really meaning. They would, however, give us an excellent deal if we would upgrade to an annual 49,000 points with them and they would help us find someone who would be interested in taking over Wyndham, or at least someone who would rent out some of our points. They told us that they could rent out our extra points to pay for our maintenance fees. The representative was John Amlie. He said we would need to upgrade with RCI to platinum status and that it took only a few points to stay one night in a first class motel such as the Marriott. I believe the cost to upgrade with RCI we were quoted was $425.00. We were led to believe that we could get 40+ days of hotel stays per year based on the number of points we would now own. When we signed the papers for the contract we were told that we would have to wait about three months for everything to be transferred with RCI and our points to be switched over to annual status, and then we were good to go. We called Eldorado and talked to Marta Perino, the lady who did the paperwork when we upgraded. She told us shed get it straightened out and call us back. Didnt happen! We called her two weeks ago and it is still not straightened out today. We want our ownership with El Dorado cancelled. It was never anything we were promised. We were lied to. We are not arguing that there is a signed contract. We are arguing that what the sales people told us to get us to sign that contract was not true. None of their verbal promises were upheld AND we don’t even know if they are in the contract, because they never gave us our copy! That in itself is not legal! We should leave the sales office with our paperwork that day! They never helped us get rid of our Wyndham timeshare like they said they would, they completely misrepresented what the hotel room exchange rate was and that was the main reason we wanted to get more points. No one from there ever called us back about our questions after we purchased, and no one ever answered our calls or emails about trying to cancel this. They only answered the BBB, never to us, they only told us “you have a contract, you need to pay us” and they harass us daily with phone calls and emails. This has been going on for several months, with no one willing to discuss all the empty promises they made to us! We already got Wyndham to cancel our timeshare for the same reasons!!!! We just sent the paperwork back! They were dishonest and misrepresented their services and the BBB helped us get our contracts cancelled. El Dorado won’t even listen to us, they just keep saying “you have a contract.” They have awful customer service-how are we even going to use this timeshare if we can’t get anyone to tell us the truth about what it really is? Now we are being harassed non stop by Deanna Jones, Senior Account Executive. Recently, she emailed me the following: “I reviewed your credit report this morning and, see that you do have enough in available funds to bring this loan current. so, in saying that you “cannot make the payments” or that you “cannot pay anything” is not entirely true.” How dare she say this to me. I never gave her authorization to make an inquiry to my credit report and she shouldn’t speculate what I can and cannot pay. She does not know me. She followed up by saying “Regarding your request to stop contacting you. Per Nebraska state law, original creditors are not required to honor cease and desist demands however, I am willing to give you some breathing room. I’ll only call once a week, maybe once every 2 weeks”. Who does this woman think she is? This is just another example of the terrible customer service and threats I have received from El Dorado’s employees. I still want nothing to do with this timeshare.

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