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Published: 03 October 2018

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My husband and I went to Las Vegas. This was our first time and for the first few days we did not speak to anyone who tried giving us anything. We were just there to enjoy each other and Vegas after having our second child. We did not have a lot of money due to myself still being on maternity leave and a new baby. An older gentlemen in his 60s approached us and we were tired from walking and his words were ,”You look tired folks, how about I get you two tickets to any show on the strip. Free of Cost.” We walked over with him and then we started speaking to an African American woman and the other gentleman went back to the floor to lure more people in. We had to put a $50 fee down to secure our spot. The spot was for a bus ride to and from the resort we were touring, along with breakfast. Once the presentation was over, which we were told would be 2-3 hours, we would get our $50 back. We met where all parties got on a bus and we headed over to the Grandview Las Vegas. We waited in a lobby with several others. We had overheard how others had gotten $150 slot credits, and dinners, and tickets, which was a lot more than we got. Names started getting called and a tall gentleman in his 20’s maybe early 30’s called our name. He also said his sister worked there. He showed us to a table that had stale doughnuts and pastries that had already been picked over by the first group. So much for breakfast. Next we crammed in a small room with several tables that had 3 chairs each. For about an hour he proceeded to get to know us and told us stuff I can only assume was true despite the lies we were told. Once we were finished in their we proceeded on the tour. The Grandview in Vegas is a very nice hotel. Very far from the strip or where anything is happening. They have all these pictures of what Vegas looked like before it was Vegas and how it boomed and promised that the strip would be ultimately built around the grandview. That right now was the time to purchase, before too many other placed purchased the land. There was already 1 other hotel being built close to their so they referred to that a lot as to other hotels were merging. We were in the mountains and so there is only one way to build, which is towards the Grandview. Once we were finished with our tour which took about an hour. So we are 2 hours in to our 2 to 3 hour tour. We then go into a conference room that has all couples that have done this tour also and are looking to possible purchase a timeshare. There was also a room of people that you passed that had been apparently upgrading their plans because they loved this program so much. Once we were in the conference room he asked us the top three places we would want to go on Vacation in the next year. Then we calculated the cost. Then he related it back to if you were a part of this then you could save $5000 on this room. So then you start thinking well that is alot of money and I sure would like to go to these places. Then he asked where we would want to take our children and we told him Disney, so anytime he felt like we weren’t going the direction he wanted to go in he would remind us gently of our children and taking them to disney. Also he stated that this could be deeded to the children if they want it. He told us they could choose to keep or not. While we were all talking to our person whenever someone would make a purchase some fancy dressed guy would toast to the new couple announcing their names and where there next vacation would be followed by an applause. Also then you would hear lot 33AB gone. Then they would proceed to tell you that this is a hot spot, and Vegas is the busiest part of the world for timeshares, because everyone wants to come to Vegas. My husband and I asked for time alone and they were hesitant to give it to us. My husband and I talked and the dreams of wanting to take our children to these places and all of these things were things we wanted. So when they came back we talked about pricing. At this point it was the main guy that gave us the tour and a manager. At first they wanted $999 down. Then when we said absolutely not. Cant do it. Thats what we have for our whole trip. So they walked off and 2 minutes later came back and said what about $500 and had it written down. We said no. So they went back one more time and came back and said we can tell you really want this so heres the deal, we will allow you to pay $250 down and pay the rest out. This took about another hour. So with these dreams we had we hesitantly wanted to hear our names being called and applause for taking our children to Disney. So we did it. We regretfully signed on the dotted line for the timeshare. Biggest mistake of our lives. Once completed signing away, which we were even sure what we were singing. That process took 30 minutes. As soon as we got back to the hotel we regretted what we had just done. The reality was we had a new baby, less money to vacation with and no savings. We cannot use the plan as much as we should, and we don’t want to spend the money on it. We got a call from Vacation Voyages when we were behind on our payments and they offered us a separate plan which would take away the timeshare property in Vegas, but now would be part of a Vacation Club based out of Florida, but can stay anywhere. There are still monthly dues, but they are less. There are still yearly maintenance fees. We need help getting out of this. I will do my damndest to find a way. The way they scam you is ridiculous.

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