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Published: 22 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Dental issues can be treated at any age but it’s better if they are corrected at a very early age to avoid other emerging issues such as smelly mouths and tooth decay. I was recently suffering from a bad bite, therefore after several referrals from my friends and relatives, I decided to take an appointment in the Valeriano Orthodontics because Dr Valariano is considered one of the best orthodontist. In order to avoid any further issues with my mouth, I decided to make an appointment with the doctor, I dialled the number given on their website, but there was no response from the other side. I re-dialled after a while but again there was no response from them, it was on the third time when they finally picked up my call and an appointment was made for the next day. I did not expect such unprofessional behvaiour from them.
I reached the clinic beforehand so that I could get to know the place well before my treatment was done. I went inside the clinic, no one was there to welcome me, and the working staff were standing like a statue all the time in my presence. Since I was very thirsty I requested one of the staff members to hand me a glass of water, his exact words were “sir! You may approach the filter situated on the left corner of this hall and fetch it by yourself.” This left me speechless as it was such an arrogant way to answer, he behaved as he the most important person in that place and it would lower his self-respect if he would fetch me a glass of water. I then got up and drank a glass of water myself. I was called inside the room after being kept waiting for an hour.
The doctor welcomed me with a smile which was very good of him, but then I came to know how inexperienced and careless he was regarding his work. At first, he kept praising himself for about 10 minutes and as soon as I reported about my problem, he made me stop and said: “yes boy I have read your report and you don’t have to remind me again about your problem”. He seemed to be in a hurry the moment I entered the room. As far as I know, a bad bite can be cured by either restoring the older teeth or by removable retainer but here the doctor made my gums numb and pulled out the teeth with so much force that the wound didn’t stop bleeding for a long time. He did the same again with the other teeth without even washing his hand as it was covered with blood spilt out from my mouth, common sense says that germs travel at a very fast rate but the doctor seemed to be cool at that time and when I complained about it to him, he said “I am a dentist and better with my work so I don’t need any of your advice”.
It was such a big mistake to go to Valeriano Orthodontics for my treatment because all they did was make it worst. I will never recommend this place for any kind of treatment to anyone because this place needs to be shut down as soon as possible as it does not have the capable doctors and the staff members were also very rude regarding there work.

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