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Published: 27 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This company made me feel like they hired me because of my skills/background, when in actuality I was hired because I was a sucker post college graduate who was eager to show loyalty. These guys had me driving my gas tank dry for barely any compensation to sell products in Sam’s club and Costco. (They used the term “drops” instead of sales because they want to make you think you aren’t a salesperson) They had me come in the office every day at a very early hour to attend “atmosphere” and have these business strategy meetings for about an hour and a half, even if I didn’t have work in the field that day. At the meetings, one of the leaders would shout “Hey Guys!” only to get an instant response of “Hey What?!” from everyone else… I think it was some sort of ploy to keep everyone excited or something. Any negativity was intensely rejected. I’m all about positivity, but this was ridiculous. I said one thing that was vaguely negative during a meeting and I was called into the owner’s office and was essentially brow beaten and they decided that I needed to change my mentality… Scary stuff. These guys kept telling us about our huge opportunity to be business owners and making huge amounts of money. They would put us on conference calls with people who would talk about how excited they were to be in Sam’s club because of the opportunity that awaited them if they put in their time. Anyway, I’m rambling a bit but the point is this company is a subsidiary of smart circle and do not let you know that because they don’t want you to research the company online. Stay away from these manipulative cons

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