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Published: 23 April 2019

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I bought a puppy from Jessica online. I payed he the 504 for the shipping and first months payment on a 2500 french bulldog . I had to ask her several times when the puppy would be flying out and what time and where to pick up the puppy. I received my puppy on April I was so excited as I had just lost my beloved frenchie Max on April 2 2014 . Then on Thursday morning I brought my new puppy Bella to the vet and she seamed healthy. Thursday night she started vomiting so on Friday I returned to the vet . The vet gave her some meds and sent her home thinking it was a change of food and the plane flight that made her sick. Saturday morning she started vomiting again so I returned to the vet and got more meds . Saturday night time returned to the emergency vet because her condition got worse and found out she had parvo. The vet told me that intensive care would be the only way to try to save her. I then left her with the emergency vet until Monday and returned her to her original vet where I was told I needed to bring her to Baton Rouge LSU vet would be the only way to try to save her. Bella needed a blood and plasma transfusion and would cost me an additional 1500-2000 to save her . I then took her back to my vet and had her put down because she was suffering and had 20% chance she would make it. Jessica did send me another puppy but said the pedigree paper were on another plane and she would mail them to me . I drove from lafayette louisiana to Houston Texas to pick up my replacement puppy. She told me that they have to lie about the age of the puppies in order for them to fly. She stop responding to my text and phone calls and will not pay me back the 978 dollars I spent on Bella like she agreed on. I have text messages to prove she agreed to repay me the money . As of June 11 I still haven’t received any paperwork for my Chloe or any shot records or health records. .

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