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These people are heartless monsters who should be banned!

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Published: 17 June 2019

Posted by: Larry

They messed up my appendectomy and caused me to undergo another surgery for the same. Valley Surgicalist Group is filled with negligent, careless and corrupt professionals who don’t care about the well being of the patients at all. They are prone to making mistakes and when they do, they don’t accept the same as well. This place is a mess and I strongly advise you to stay away from these people. They don’t know what their mistakes can do for the patients. They are ruining the lives of other people. And the worst part is, they aren’t facing any repercussions for their actions as well. It’s disheartening to see them roam around freely and toy with the lives of other people. Dr. Zehtab seems like a nice guy at first but he is a monster in reality.

I had visited the Valley Surgicalist Group after my physician recommended to do so. I was having abdominal pain and my physician told me that I might have appendicitis. When I visited these people they told me that I did have appendicitis and it was necessary for me to undergo a surgical procedure for the same. I was a little afraid of it but they told me that there weren’t any risks of complications. They are pathetic liars. They lied to me at the time that there couldn’t be any complications because of the procedures. Just look up the risks of an appendectomy and you’ll come across a bunch of risks associated with it. They didn’t tell me the risks at that time because they were afraid that I might chicken out and leave the place without getting treated. I was a fool to think they were credible and trustworthy people. If I had any idea about their monstrosity then I wouldn’t have listened to them. I would have visited some other place to get treated. Anyway, I got an appendectomy done there. The discomfort and pain didn’t go even after the surgery. They told me that it was natural for me to experience a little discomfort because of the surgical procedure they had done. So I stopped getting worried. But the pain just didn’t go. It kept increasing and soon it was nearly impossible for me to do anything else without feeling that constant agony. I went to another clinic to get diagnosed. There I found out that there might have been something wrong with my appendectomy. And that mistake might have made my life hell. I had to undergo another surgery to get that issue treated. They had damaged my bowel while removing my appendix and because of that, I was experiencing so much pain. SO first, they didn’t inform me about the risks of the surgical procedure then they messed up the procedure too. I have every reason to hate those guys. Some of my friends are suggesting me to take this matter in the court and charge them for malpractice.

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