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Published: 26 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Valuation Vision, LLC is defaulting on its own Agreement Policy of payment of Net 30 Days. Currently, they owe me for 9 reports, approved and accepted by VV from September 22, 2014 to October 28, 2014, when they blocked me from performing or receiving more BPO orders. When I called and questioned this, the actual words were shaky and dubious, but it now appears this was calculated and orders are undoubtedly spread over a net of agents, usually not reaching their maximum or refusing the work for non-payment. 7 of these reports are for Interior work, one of which spanned nearly this entire period, about 6 weeks. It was a Nation star Short Sale w/Auction, with no MLS box, scare information, and a Broker/Listing Agent who did not want to bother placing a key at the property, yet required. (This was a Pending Status Property for over 30 days prior to my contact and is still Pending as of today, 01/16/2015 – Nationstar). Numerous calls, emails, inquiries, messages, plus I did a full investigation and exterior inspection during this 30 day plus wait before the Agent would cooperate). Long story, trying to be short, these orders are hotly contested and must be accepted without time to even read the address, assuming they are legitimate work, though below industry standard Fee Rates. The reports are comprehensive with multiple sections, extensive adjustments value ratios to be exact. . . Performing 9 reports in 6 weeks and 7 of these as Interior BPOs is far more time and effort than it sounds, and not an equal exchange of compensation, even with payment. Yet, to squash and disrespect the Frontline Licensees which allow Valuation Vision to benefit and see their business model in operation is a Shame and Sham of the lowest kind. I am trusting and hard-working, but policing and having to requesting payment for services rendered, not paid, and given excuses is not a part of the Agreement. Last correspondence from Erik Ekdahl, Operations Support Specialist, states this, ” . . We have been experiencing a difficult delay over the last 3-4 weeks, having to place vendor payment virtually on hold. We expect to send your check along with many others in the next 2 weeks. This extra-long wait time is attributed to waiting 90+ days for our clients to send payment and working to complete our longstanding merger. We are simply a smaller company working to grow and press forward and hope to resolve this payment issue soon. . ” This was dated December 19, 2014 (90 days past the starting point of the pay period) and is now about 30 days past the date of this VV message. No response was given to me for 2 email update requests from Erik, but do note the words he uses in the December message. He writes, “. . Having to place vendor payment virtually on hold”. I have other details I could ad, but this is enough to start my contribution. This is also one of many instances of unethical and pirate-like activity I have experienced in recent years of the Real Estate Industry, affecting my entire life. It is not possible to ignore or dismiss this as it is cumulative, but it costs more time and energy, hoping to see change, one scenario at a time. Collectively, a voice and unity must step up and address these indiscretions and compensate the unpaid and injured. It would be nice for the NAR take action. I am troubled that this is a mute discussion of the business, and yet critical to the proper recovery of the nation’s economy with real estate stabilization at the forefront. .

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