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Published: 22 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Orlando Value car rental is a pure scam. We are used to rental cars regularly when traveling to the States and were happy when we found a good deal for a month rental of an economic car in Orlando, for 580$ US. When we arrived to the compagny – the forced us to purchase their insurance despite the fact we had proof of full coveragy from our insurance compagny. When we said we will cancel the reservation – they said that we can only purchase the liability insurance for 13$ a day because of new FLorida policy that does not accept liability insurance from other countries. We were also told that we have to purchase toll for a month because now in Florida it is impossible to pay tolls by cash and if we dont purchase the toll for 1 month for 9$ a day we are garanteed to have a 30$ fine every time we cross a tollroad. We had to pay 1209$ US instead of 580 US for a month… Upon arival to our destination at Gainesville – we called our Canadian insurance compagny and other rental agencies in Orlando and they confirm and provided proofs that we are fuly covered for liability in Canada and USA and that there is no such policy in Florida.When we contacted Value again – they said they don’t care and they changed they words and said it was their local rental compagny policy to charge the insurance and not state wide finally and they will not not reimburse our money, but we are welcome to return the car if we want. In addition, upon arrival to Gainesville – we noticed a flat tire. We went to a tire compagny, Discount Tire, they examined the tire and advised us not to buy a new one because we were given a car with illegally repaired pierced tire which was running on low pressure for months probaly and had 16 holes by the time we got it… The manager of Discount tire called the compagny and consensus was to drive on spare tire and return the tire the way it is. However, when we called Value again – they changed their mind and said they don’t care if the tire was damaged before and we must pay for it… It is the first time we are facing such a lying rental compagny and bad customer service. We hope this will prevent other people to avoid renting from them. .

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