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Vanessa Pereira is a bitchy homewrecker

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Published: 19 August 2017

Posted by: Garland M. Sibley

Today I’m here to share a miserable story revolving around a 24 year old homewrecker who not only wrecked my home, but also my mind. Vanessa was my husband’s niece and also of a friend of mine. The age difference is not much though, as we are 34-35 and maturity is not necessarily a concept related to age. For this pathological, compulsive homewrecker, this is exactly her MO. My husband is a combat veteran with PTSD and this fact had recently begun to affect our lives drastically. He was drinking at the bar one night and I was somehow dealing with the murder of my 21 year old cousin who was dumped in the desert after she was killed and her body rotted there for 19 days. In addition to that misery, I had also started a business lately for which I was working literally 20 hours a day. I had the responsibility to raise three kids as well. As obvious, it was not a good time in our lives and I knew we both were growing apart, but I did trust my husband. He was the most honest, loyal, and trustworthy man I had known and I believed there was no way he could have betrayed me and his family so I wasn’t worried. I was proven wrong though.

In the past 7 years my husband was a leading softball player. He was handsome, stern, earned well and was morally sound. His personality was very likable and commanded respect. The dumb girls around swooned over him but I trusted him completely. Over the last 18 months, I started noticing changes in my husband. Not only drinking but I could also see anger, hypervigilance and lack of emotions in him. I knew his PTSD was getting worse. I noticed how Vanessa used to look at him but never could I guess that she was a shady hoe. My husband also had a “type” always and a skinny, blonde, white bimbo with big fake boobs did not fit in any of those categories. My husband also had a liking for older women because he said girls were too immature. Besides, she had been a part of our family group.

On September 18, 2016, this shady hoe came to my home for football kickoff. Everyone was drinking that day but I wasn’t feeling it that night. I was listening in the other room as she asked MY HUSBAND to dance in MY HOME. My husband said no to it twice. When I got up to go into the other room to laugh on her lame request, I see her pressing her flat ass on my husbands leg. I clearly lashed out and she, her friends and everybody else left. He was extremely drunk that time and pissed on the matter, so he left too. I sent a message to Vanessa to ask as to what was she thinking. She went on and on about apologizing and saying sorry. She said that since the other three girls were dancing, so Tony asked her to dance too. I was sober in the room and I heard with my own ears that she had asked him. When I corrected her, she said sorry I am just so drunk. I followed my husband to his friends home up the street. On reaching, I see that her car was parked there too. I still thought he was just drunk but not a cheater. I think I was wrong. I know something did happen that night.
I came to know Vanessa more after we went to a charity event together the following week. She was evidently pissed to see me there. She looked dull on the fact that my husband brought me there. The following day, I sent her a message asking if everything was fine with her. This stupid bitch said, it was just work tension. She flattered me saying that she admired me and I was her role model. Listening to this, I began to mentor the girl who slept with my husband. I even took her to a board meeting to give the exposure. Little did I know about her intentions and actions.

My husband returned from a specialty program for combat PTSD vets to work through things and infidelity was part of this 6 day retreat. They might have even continued their relationship from September 18th till November when I saw her texts. One day as I bent down to kiss my husband goodnight I saw a message from this bitch. I was angry and got violent with my husband. His reaction in fact, re-confirmed my fear.
At the same time, her uncle who was our friend and HER HUSBAND (yes she is married) both got a text from a number telling him that his 35 year old friend was sleeping around with his 24 year old niece. He immediately confronted both of them and they said that they enjoyed each others company. Amazing!

My husband couldn’t deal with being seen in a bad light, so he left and then came back later and then left again. He was guilty and like a true idiot I took him back. Life moved on a little but I couldn’t trust him. Again, when I went through his phone, I found her messages asking how his Christmas was. On being confronted again, this slut threw a scripted statement about remorse and blah blah.
Many weeks later, my husband who had stopped drinking decided to have some drinks with friends. He gulped a drink quite quickly, got high and picked up an argument with me. He started walking off from the place. He was barely 6 blocks away from our home but instead of going home, he called the homewrecker and this girl came, picked him up and took him to her home. I again tracked him down and he denied having anything physical with her and said that he went there because he had no other option. All of that didn’t matter to me at this point!
This guy then came home and we started living like nothing happened. This does not mean for the baby homewrecker to think that I have let everything go. I’ll get back to her at the right time and place. I know, you might feel after reading this post that I should have left. That might be right but it is very difficult for me to put behind the man I married for 7 years in the same body of the man who my husband has now become. PTSD literally destroyed him but I am not ready to give up on who he was. I just want the homewrecker to go somewhere else and leave us alone. I would continue to brave the waters with my husband, with whatever good part of him is left.

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