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Published: 06 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

First off i will like to start off by saying that this company is strictly commission. They are the biggest scammers and need to be burned down in ashes into the ground and should never be allowed to create a company of this kind again. The reason I say this is because they brainwash you into believing that you will be highly successful creating this image that the managers/owners live this fantastic lifestyle going on vacations every other week or month, little do you know that they live with their in-laws, have their cellphone bill in their mothers name, and drive below average cars. The two managers Paulina and Zack are a couple that appears that they are so loving meanwhile he sleeps with his employees at their home in their bed everyday because they work different hours. They way they are able to pay for their monthly vacations is by not paying their employees their correct paycheck. How I know this is for example when you close a sale on average a 2 lines and Internet account worth $250 you will get paid a breakdown of $98. The breakdown will say pending on lines so that you won’t get paid for the whole sale. After you start noticing and asking questions about the accounts and missing money here comes the outrageous excuses. Once you have seen the decrease in paychecks each week consecutively they will “bonus” you and give you $100 and say you had cancels, pending orders, and blah, blah….after that you will go 9 weeks without getting paid because they are tired of giving you money out of their pocket. The creator of this company should be sued for all money she has stolen from all her previous employees and should be deported back to Colombia immediately. She should not be allowed to come back into the United States for the rest of her life for the all fraudulence she has created. The income is never ever steady. This job will make you miserable. The reason it will make you miserable is because they want you to take out poor innocent 2nd round interviews all day everyday rain,snow, sleet, hurricanes, blizzards, 100 degree hot weather, and -20 degree cold weather with a new trainee and have them watch you train this person going into businesses with 3-4 people scaring clients allowing the interviewee to not say a word. They will make you work six days a week including saturdays if you don’t meet your production they will make you work 60-80 hours weekly without paying you for your time. Also they demand that you have to stay and do office responsibilities and get highly upset when you leave and don’t complete them. Once they say you have to stay that means your an employee legally they are supposed to pay a base salary and not only that as well as overtime pay. They make you drive all over through the day without any reimbursement of gas, not only that but force you to drive other employees who don’t drive where they have to go even when your going in a completely opposite direction and not offer a penny for gas. They tell you your working for a Fortune 500 company that is known worldwide. The office is located in the basement a apartment building across the street from the mineola train station. And every day after work at 8 pm everyone gets togetheir for a quick drink and it turns out to be a drunken mess failing to realize that you have just worked eighty hours for a check of a $100. All they do is drink, party and sleep with each other. Its alot of personal drama like high school. Partying in a what it looks like to be a frat house making you feel like what have gotten yourself into. Finally when you quit the job and you have previous accounts that you are looking forward to getting paid on, here comes the goodies you will have to wait 4 months because they are holding your checks in case the customers cancel their services, resulting to when you finally reach that 4th month you don’t have a check!!!!! Word of advice Life Long Island has different names in the company and same building so if you see h2 concepts, vanguard international partners, prestige marketing partners, renegade global and the list goes on turn around an run and never return!!!!

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