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Published: 15 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had a pay day loan that I took out in 2010.A lot happened since then.I was evicted,and unemployed. I had to relocate in 2011.I began working a new job in October 2013.I received a call from the rudest man that I’ve encountered in my 43 years. He began accusing me of fraud ,lying,and he called me a liar.I tried to talk to this man calmy to no avail.He was actually shouting at me and cursing at me. He told that the pay day loan company would’nt allow me to converse with them regarding this loan.I totally forgot about this loan and was starting work again after being unemployed for permanent work for three years.He was actually bullying me and saying to me that I was going to jail. I was actually shaking from fright.I’ve never experienced that before.I was shivering. I told him that I didn’t have any money for a payment at the time.I had only been working for two weeks.I told him that I would make arrangements when I started getting paid. He even told me that I needed to borrow the money and to hock my things.This was uneccessary and I told him that.He was cursing me again. They even harrassed my friend about my whereabouts.They called me practically everyday.I thought that I could talk to someone with more compassion. I was wrong.Every person that I spoke with,threatened me about spending the holidays in jail.I grew tired of these antics. I started making payments.I was harrassed every single week until it was paid.I had to pay 200.00 dollars every other pay period. I was harrassed even more if I had to make the payment later on in the day.They even called my job.I was stressed mentally,and emotionally .I requested one person.Because of the bullying attitude of the others that I spoke with.I remember the last payment day in Jan 2014.I told the woman over my case that I was tired of the harrassment and that I was glad that it was over. I verified with her that I would receive a packet providing proof of satisfying this debt.I was confident that this nightmare(that’s how I described this to Vantage Point).That was in January 2014. I have yet to receive anything from them.I even tried to call the named provided to me.The number doesn’t take incoming calls.Imagine that. They are tying to do this all over again.I recieved a call last week that the debt wasn’t paid.I’m frustrated now. I don’t want to go through this again. Carnell,Kansas City,Kansas .

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