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Published: 13 May 2018

Posted by: Daughter Advocate

I believe my mother was taken advantage of by an unscrupulous dealer connected with this company. My mother is an elderly woman who is widowed and lives off of her social security and meager retirement annuity payments. She trusts what she is told. Mr. G., the sales rep came into her home regarding a water treatment system advising it would only cost her $39 per month. It appears he failed to tell her the system is not rented from the company, but is purchased by the consumer. He came the day before she was to leave town for a couple of weeks on a visit to see a couple of her children. She told him that she did not want to mess with installing the system right before her departure, but he pressured her saying he was in the area and wanted to take care of it that day. She told him she was leaving town for a couple of weeks and did not want it. He talked her into allowing him to install it, and even told her he needed for her to sign some paperwork so he could install it, and told her if she did not like it or want it he would come back and take it out when she returned from her trip. As it turned out, the paperwork giving him permission to install it was a blank contract and she, being elderly and trusting others to be honest, signed the blank paperwork. While out of town, she discovered her Visa card was “mysteriously” missing from her purse. When she spoke with Visa about the card, she learned Mr. G. had evidently submitted her Visa account information to the water company who then charged a $4000 water system to her Visa card. Mother told Visa she did not authorize the charge – she did not give Mr. G. any payment information or her social security number, so how did he get it? It seems obvious to me. When the charge was declined, The Watergroup evidently opened an account in Mother’s name at GE Money Bank out of Orlando, FL. Somehow they had her social security number, which she did not give Mr. G. or the company. Mother was out of town when this account was opened and had no say in the terms. Her signature appears on the application, yet she was not even in the state when application was made. She had no idea Mr. G. was selling her a $4000 water system. She has always paid her legitimate debts and obligations on time and without dispute. Since this happened, she continually receives nasty phone calls and threatening letters. This type of sales activity is no less than CRIMINAL in my book! She spent years building a good credit history and this has ruined it. I would really like to know what recourse she has to fight this matter. – Karen

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