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Invest with these scammers “VaultOptions” only if you don’t care about your money!!!

As per the company website, “VaultOptions is the most professional and objective platform for trading binary (digital) options online.” Oh CRAP!!! Based on my experience, I feel these binary trading platforms are nothing but a means of defrauding innocent investors.
My office colleague recommended me to sign up with VaultOptions in February 2015. The account opening process is simple as it’s done online. I began with an initial investment of $400. The very same day, I received a phone call from Britney, a trading executive at VaultOptions. She said that if I let her trade in my account she could double the money that same day. I obliged. And yeah, she did what she claimed!!! The next day Britney advised me to invest $1600 more saying it was essential for her to continue trading on my behalf. She wanted me to bring my total investment to $2000. It was a busy Monday in the office and I didn’t have enough time to think over it, so I just deposited the money.
The pseudo trading on my account continued and I randomly checked my account. All seemed to be Okay. During the weekend, I researched about VaultOptions on the internet and read reviews how people lost their money to these cheaters. I resolved to withdraw the money and close my account, lest I lose everything!!! However, since the time I have informed them of my intent to close the account, they have stopped responding to my phone calls and emails. I don’t know how I can get my money back. NEVER invest your money online!!!

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