Vera Maygar

Vera Maygar is out of her mind

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Published: 18 July 2017

Posted by: Mary G. Davis

Vera Maygar is something of a mystery. This woman was married when she decided she wanted in on my friend’s marriage. I’m not even kidding. My friend works long hours, so her husband was at home a lot more than she was. Vera would come and stay there for hours on end every day, so she could do her thing. She even pretended to really like my friend and her husband as friends.
Eventually, my friend and her husband split up for a couple of weeks. None of us thought it would last, what she apparently thought she had with him. She literally built herself a little fantasy in her head in which she and my friend’s husband had a relationship. After two weeks, he went back to my friend. And that’s when we found out what a loser Vera actually was.
He told her not to talk to him anymore. She simply couldn’t handle this! So she would sit in front of their house for hours trying to talk to him. She kept on calling them and was a horrible nuisance to everyone involved. And there were so many times that she would just show up at their door.
She was married the whole time, remember!

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