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Published: 15 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I’m not sure what this guy does every day, but he has an insane wife who runs all over the internet claiming to be his employee. She tells people she’s a cop, a fed, uses all kinds of crazy aliases and pretends to be a dozen different people that she calls the “zapem group.” She’s filled with nutty political ideas, and she spends all day every day coming up with insane ideas and writing elaborate conspiracy theories involving pretty much everyone she meets. She hunts down all these people and harasses them, claims they have some nefarious political motivations. She’s fixated on this internet troll named Neal, who she thinks murdered Andrew Breitbart. She thinks he’s after her, and all these other people she meets are secretly helping him stalk her, and she goes around publishing their home addresses and social security numbers, then harassing them and posting nutty slander and making lunatic threats. If you talk to her she’ll eventually decide you’re on of them, and she’ll got NUTS on you. And it NEVER STOPS. Jeff knows about all of this and just denies everything when her victims confront him. They both claim the insane stuff is being done by all these imaginary “friends” and “employees” of Jeff’s that he can’t control for whatever reason. I would never do business with a man who lets his wife run wild stalking people or who gives this insane woman access to his files or tools.

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