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Published: 28 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

EXTREME WARNING!!! The doctor named Mark Nunez there is psychopathic! He might be passively trying to kill your pets. Don’t ask whether it makes sense or not: that is what a psychopathic personality does. Don’t expect it will be upfront and straightforward. A master is always skilled at doing it in a artful way that you will think him quite on the other end. Extreme bad always cover them as extreme good. That is an unchanging principle. If you love your pets and don’t want them get killed by Mark Nunez, run, run fast!!!! By instinct I would never trust that a clinic in hollywood would have a serious veterinary care center. But after reading a review list I gave it a try a year ago. It turns out to be a completely shity place as I would have imagined. A doctor named Mark Nunez there is an evil and might have tried to passively kill my pet by being misleading on the exam results. He told me my cat is fine and now when I am having trouble getting insurance and I am referring that he said my cat is fine. Though now I heard from his staffs he said he is not sure now. I ask if he is not sure then why he told me my cat is ok. The staffs say they don’t know and then trying to shut down the communication by stopping me from talking to the doctor or anyone else. And it is extremely shady that whenever a staff talked to him, the staffs would disappear and they would either not call me as they said and of course the doctor will never call back as requested many times. I have noticed his weird behavior throughout the one year course: he wouldn’t even give me lab exam result. You know when you have an exam, the doctor will call you to tell you the result is out? He never even called for that. I placed multiple calls and they say the doctor will give me a call and he never do. Until numerous try or I have to walk to their office, he finally sent me the result. It is quite weird he won’t do normal things a doctor is supposed to do. I can’t believe this evil psychopathic doctor is trying to put my baby’s health at jeopardy. Definitely going after suing them. Must post this so consumers will be better informed and avoid their situation being jeopardized!! .

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