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Published: 21 July 2017

Posted by: Nita A. Boswell

Victoria Humphreys of Houston/Humble Texas is the biggest liar and cheater I have ever come across in my life. BEWARE, and be very cautious while dealing with this phony! Honestly, I have NEVER met a monster like her. She literally tried to ruin my life, but thankfully I got hold of her lies a little early. She was dating me and two other men at the same time and was living THREE different lives. Whenever we used to be together, she would tell me everything that pleased me and when she used to leave, she used to become the lying and cheating monster. Living in Miami, I could see through some of her lies, but the worse part came when I received a phone call from her other man asking why I was calling her. It dawned on me that she was cheating on me the entire time. She has a pretty face, but is very manipulative which makes her the ugliest. Its her misfortune that she messed with the wrong person. This post is not being written by a jealous x- boyfriend. I don’t want to do anything with her.
The thought of Victoria sleeping with endless men is just too gross. I’m posting here with an intent that perhaps a few innocent men would be saved. Girls like her are the real cockroaches and need to be exposed here.
This woman is capable of lying endlessly without feeling any remorse! Her family also knew about her traits and had warned me of her selfish approach. I wish I would have kept my eyes and ears open. She does everything to keep you thinking nice about her, so you would continue paying for her expenses. She had literally fabricated an entirely false life in front of me. We used to be really happy together and when we were apart, she used to lead a completely different life. For three long months, she continued to lie about every single thing. She said she wanted to marry me and have a life with me while she was saying the same crap to the other man in Houston too. Both of us were fools to be revolving our lives around her. She even went to the extent of lying about her mother and father. Why was that? I never understood! She said that her father was an executive VP at Haliburton while in reality, he is a FedEx truck driver. When I asked her to show a picture of her mother, she showed me someone else’s picture. The majority of things she said were complete lies. She must have said more than hundreds of lies in all these months. So many people had warned me about her saying that she’s a textbook example of a sociopath but I didn’t listen. She has no empathy for anyone and can say just about anything to have a favorable reaction.
Victoria lied about her education too. She said she had graduated from Texas A&M on a Golf scholarship and in reality she did just ONE semester at Blinn College. To top it all off she said she has several businesses, possessions and finances. The shocking truth came up when I talked to her ex-boyfriend, who is a Houston police officer. We told each other stories that we had heard from her. The reality is when I met her in Miami, she was actually cheating on him! Poor guy was calling her repeatedly the next morning when we hooked up and I remember, she had asked me to stay quiet. She said that it was her crazy ex who she broke up with, months back. She said that he was obsessed with her and wouldn’t let her live. The reality was that she was still dating him and he was worried when she didn’t pick his calls for the entire night. I literally felt horrible for the guy. My friend who had introduced me to Victoria, revealed that he picked her up off of Instagram. The reality is that either she is scamming multiple men or she is found on The other guy who she cheated, shared her screenshot with me. If you do not know what this site is all about, it’s a portal where women offer services like prostitution or escorting, in exchange for certain arrangements. I spoke to her two other boyfriends and one family member, and nobody knows who was paying for her apartment that she was living in, in the Woodlands. Maybe, there is a 4th person who she has on her side to pay her current bills.
Practically, no one cares now! The message is for all the men out there to be cautious of this sweet looking, cunning, mastermind woman who will rob you and will serve you lies all the time. She’ll tell you about how good looking you are, how much she loves you and how desperately she wants to get married to you and have babies with you. All this is a plain lie to get your money and push her life a little forward. Victoria loves to drink alcohol like a fish, so you could probably find her at a bar or nightclub. She is just a cockroach who needed to be exposed.
It’s so disgusting to see people like her who do not mind ruining multiple lives to keep her own going. Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t ruin mine.

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