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Published: 14 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We chose Viking’s top of the line appliances to be installed in 2012. We have had so many repairs needed that technicians are constantly in our home. It was so serious that we finally replaced the Viking Pro Series dishwashers with LG. Viking replaced the double oven, they returned our purchase price for the dishwashers, and they convinced me to let them keep trying to make repairs instead of just replacing the refrigerator like they did on all the other problem appliances. Viking tried to repair the refrigerator numerous times, but their new customer service manager is not living up to his title. The refrigerator has doors that did not line up properly from the time it was received brand new. Viking already replaced the door on the refrigerator side, and they have sent out techs to fix the alignment problem, and they sent their head guy. None of these efforts fixed the problem. Viking replaced the mother board on the refrigerator. The shelves and doors and drawers all have broken multiple times. Food freezes, milk freezes, we have wasted thousands in spoiled food because of this faulty refrigerator. Viking is now pulling the “it is out of warranty game” although they promised me they would extend the warranty since they wanted me to allow them to fix the original Pro Series Refrig when they should have replaced the lemon appliance from the start. Don’t trust them because if the good customer service rep is terminated they will not honor committments made. Make them put it in writing. Better yet, don’t let them constantly repair their junk, and make you live through inconvenience in a kitchen you paid $25k for their top of the line Pro Series. Insist on a refund or new replacement, otherwise you will be constantly living with techs and once the warranty expires they will say you are all on your own. Viking replaced the double ovens, and the two dishwashers. Amazing no more problems and no service calls since the original junk was removed from my home. It should be noted that we replaced the dishwashers with LG, and no problems. In fact our CA home has Sub Zero, Fischer & Paykel and Miele, and they are all twice the age of this Viking junk that is in our AZ home and no problems. We also have Kitchen Aid in our TX home and no problems. Our Viking problems over the past 3 years since building our new home has caused huge inconvenience, and the problems are obviously correlated to the poor quality control that allowed such defective appliances to be sold. As with all the other Viking problems, once the original appliance has been removed and a different one installed, we have zero service calls. Why would Viking Customer Service fight me on this? Viking had a great rep who did such a good job of trying to correct the problems with all of their other appliances, yet they now will not acknowledge the multiple times their techs have been out and in fact they recently stated there has only been one functional service call. Apparently Viking does not keep good records or they don’t consider replacing an entire door, or replacing the mother board, or replacing cracked drawers, or fixing a constant alarm, or fixing a freezing of milk problem, or replacing cracked shelves, or replacing broken rollers, etc to be functional service calls. If Viking will live up to their commitments they made to me I will gladly let other consumers know but as of this writing they are ignoring me and leaving me with a broken refrigerator, one that was broken from day one, and hiding behind a warranty expiration date. I called who they claim is the head of all customero service, but she would not speak with me and the receptionist told me someone else is actually the head for my region. I do not want to speak with a regional head, as this is a matter that Viking’s Chief Quality Officer needs to be made aware of. Viking if you care about your customers you will have someone contact me immediately to remedy this horrible situation.

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