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Published: 22 August 2017

Posted by: Richard K. Waits

It is a scam, it is all a scam. Guys, beware of the company named Vimpex Finance Group who will ask you to invest with them. They might sound very compelling with all their explanations on how good their services are but do not fall for it. They aren’t even a real company. Google their name and you will know what I am talking about.
It does not take long to find out about the credibility of companies that you wish to invest in. So when you google, find out their website names, phone numbers, location, names of the people used and even the content that they send you on email. There are possibilities that they could’ve picked up some of the content from the net to not have any mistakes in the grammar of their sentences and so they sound legit. How do people even fall investment schemes like this? How stupid can they be?
I was approached by these guys from Vimpex Finance Group some time in February this year and thankfully they weren’t able to fool me. When I realised that they are fooling people with their fake website, I tried to contact the host website to try and have their website shut down but somehow that did not happen. When that did not happen, I even complained to the authorities about them. Shortly after a while, I received a mail from them asking me to withdraw the complaint or that I would have to deal with the Russian mafia. I wonder what that would be like. Still waiting, bro!

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