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Published: 18 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

On February 24th I was referred to a man by the name of Vincent Colbert with V&L Investment Services. This man claims to be able to obtain business funding for start up companies. I had trouble obtaining enough capital for my business so I was told that this man could help me. I signed a contract with Vincent Colbert on February 25th 2014 for services. I was told that by the end of April I would receive funding for my business. The cost for this service was $1,500.00 As the end of April approached Vince started asking me for more documentation in addition to saying his team is back up. This has been going on for weeks now. April has come and gone and to this day being June 17th I have yet to receive my funding. My patience has officially run out because I realize he was just stalling everyday via text and phone. I live in Southern California and Vincent Colbert dba V&L Investment Services is doing business in Michigan. The distance has not allowed me to confront him. I asked him to refund my money and he refused stating I have to let the process continue. This man has clearly ripped me off! I do not want him to scam any other people as I truly work hard for my money and all I wanted to do is start a business in my great country of America to help other Americans! Please help me stop this scammer! .

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