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Vindale Research is a scam! Don’t bother wasting your time

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Published: 22 August 2017

Posted by: Gerald S. Tulley

Vindale research is not any legit website. It is a big time scam, will not only leave you off with no money but also would waste a lot of your time that you better utilize in something productive.

I’m Steve and I got an offer in my mailbox to become a member at the Vindale search website and get paid to answer and fill in simple surveys.

I didn’t check them out at on any scam website or any platform that could have listed it being legit or not.

Honestly I was lured by the fact that I could make a lot of money through the website and all I had to do was to clear surveys that seemed to be an easy job.
I signed up with them like a fool and spent several hours completing surveys that were of no interest to me.

I was doing a lot of research on the go just for the sake of a small amount of money but I didn’t get anything in return let me tell you!
I was not credited for any surveys that I took over or any amount of research that I did on the website. I kept on waiting for 2 weeks for any amount to be credited to me but not even a dime was given.

I contacted the company as soon as possible after those two weeks and they answered me that I would not get any payment because of some stupid shitty reason. According to them I had not kept record of my work as perfectly as they wanted me to. They called themselves strict and didn’t do any justice even after hours of arguments. Bullshit! These shady people had no intentions of giving any to me at the first place.

How does keeping no record let them keep my money? How on earth did they not credit any money to my account on the basis of no proper work records?

This company is full of a******* who do not pay a dime to the person working for them and make a fool of the person. That’s all they know!

In addition to the misery I’d already gone through, I am being stalked by all the credit card companies and insurance agents. These guys are pestering me to get offers every now and then.

I feel like crap now. I have to like abuse them every day to stop them from calling me all the time. I keep my phone switched off after being tirelessly chased by the tele callers.

I warn everybody here to stay away from Vindale research website for they are just getting their shitty work done from you and not giving anything in return.
Research for any work from home offerings that come up in your mailbox for genuineness of the payments and/or company.
Don’t fall for scams like Vindale Research!

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